Secondary Containment for Chemical Dosing

Secondary Containment for Chemical Dosing bunds is manufactured by Enduramaxx to increase the safety of dosing tank and systems. Dosing tanks and dosing pumps are used in many applications in the water treatment and swimming pool industry for pH adjustment of wastewater treatment, cooling tower dosing and chlorination.

Most pH correction and dosing pumps are mounted on the dosing tanks to dose chemicals such as acids or alkalis as required. Pumping chemicals are dangerous and to protect personnel in the event of a chemical leak or equipment failure round tank bunds or polypropylene dosing tank houses are available with optional covers which can be locked if required. On our popular 500 litre dosing tanks, chemical dosing pumps are mounted on top of the tank

What is Secondary Containment?

Secondary containment is a requirement under HSE for use on one plant to prevent and control a leak in the and take the form of bunds, drip trays, sumps, and double-skinned tanks. Our polypropylene housings act as secondary containment systems and are available with a PVC window in which the tanks and pumps can be mounted inside the bund. As the pumps, tanks and connections to the pipework are contained, this can be monitors with an alarm to detect leaks in the housing and contain at least 110% of the volume of the largest tank in the bund.

Dosing Cabinets & Bunds

Enduramaxx Dosing Cabinets & Bunds are bespoke made from polypropylene (PP) for the water treatment industry. With its high chemical resistance, these can be used with most chemicals, however, consideration needs to be taken regarding fuming chemicals. Dosing cabinets cab be manufactured to suit our client’s specific requirements and can include features such as splash protection, enclosed pump kiosks and control panel and pipework supports.

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Applications where Dosing Tank Bunds are used

Enduramaxx Secondary Containment for Dosing Tanks

Bunded chemical tanks or outer skinned tanks for chemical dosing tanks is challenging with corrosive chemicals and hazardous liquids being pumped. With the requirement for power and mounting apparatus, we can make these completely bespoke cabinets fit your product, to the space you have. For more details and how we can on your next project for hazardous materials and liquids – please get in touch.


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