Our Chemical Storage, Dosing Tank & Silo Range

Our Chemical Storage, Dosing Tank & Silo Range –  Enduramaxx is one of the UK specialists for chemical resistant plastic dosing tanks and bunds which area one-piece rotational moulding tank which is available from 50 litres to 30,000litres. Being UV stabilised these are suitable for inside and outside use, chemical resistance to over 1500 chemicals and will give many lists of use.

Our Chemical & Process Tank Range

Our website Enduramaxx list our range of tanks including water process tank, chemical storage and dosing tanks for chemicals and bunds providing secondary containment where required. Bulk solids, pellet and powders IBC and silos are available for decanting and storage applications. Each category of product lists the capacity and size of the tank, lid options, outlet, flange and pipework options, colours available and specific gravity of tank for liquids up to 2 SG.

Users of our tanks are wide and varied, with typical applications for the Enduramaxx storage tanks are water process, wastewater process, dosing, and water treatment as well as chemical processing and storage. We are sure that among our range of over 500 options of tanks (excluding colours) we have the right solution for your application!

Our Chemical Storage & Dosing Tank Range

Storage Tanks for liquids

IBC and Silos for Bulk Materials

    • We have a range of IBC and silo tanks in steel frames for pellets, powders, and foodstuff. A range of food-safe lids, sliders and fittings are available depending on the application for the tank.

Bunds & Bunded Tanks for Secondary Containment

    • Enduramaxx Bunded Chemical Storage Tanks for Admix, chemical storage, wastewater, de-icer, and fertiliser storage. Pipework and flange customisation are available to suit your project. These bunded tanks contain a minimum of 110% volume of the inner tank. Simply put, a plastic bunded tank is a ‘tank within a tank’ that helps customers conform to current HSE details on Secondary Containment

Modifications & Customisation

With the range of tanks we manufacture, we can offer a large range of flanges, fittings, sockets, vents, lids, and side access additions to these tanks.  What is shown on our website is only some of what we can offer and with our in-house plastic fabrication team we can produce special parts & accessories for your project.   For IBC and silo tanks, we offer steel frames to your specification – different colours, painted/galvanised/stainless steel frames, forklift pockets are some of the options we can offer.

Technical Document & Specification Sheets

On each Enduramaxx tank, we have available a specification sheet stating its capacity, size, and specification as well as CAD drawings for customers who need to build these tanks into their process or system or for providing us with a drawing to customise tank fittings to.

CAD Drawings Available

CAD Drawings Available to help with your next project! Without CAD files, designing your wastewater project or chemical plant project can become time-consuming. Enduramaxx can provide CAD drawings for any project incorporating Enduramaxx tanks.    The types of the plant we can provide storage tanks for include the following, with all our tanks are manufactured in close cooperation with the leading manufacturers of dosing pumps, instrumentation, and other ancillary components.

  • Chemical precipitation
  • Chemical oxidation and reduction
  • Dosing
  • pH correction
  • Coagulation / flocculation
  • Settlement systems
  • Filtration systems
  • Dissolved Air Flotation
  • Dewatering systems

The Enduramaxx Tank Advantage

Our extensive knowledge and years of experience in the industry allow us to design and manufacture tanks to your requirement.  Why not give us a call today on 01778 562810.

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