Are Customised Chemical Dosing Tanks Available? Chemical Dosing Tanks & Bund Tanks

Customised Chemical Dosing Tanks – chemical dosing is used in conjunction with several types of equipment including coagulation and flocculation (Alum & Ferric), RO plants (Bisulphite & Antiscalent), ph adjustment (Caustic & Acid), Demineralisation plant regeneration (Hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid and sodium hydroxide), Boilers (Hydrazine) etc.

Chemical dosing can also be used separately e.g. hypochlorite dosing to sterilize water supplies.  These Chemical Dosing Tanks are designed specifically for use in the water treatment, effluent treatment and process control sectors, these are UV stabilised and available in black for use with chemicals such as Sodium Hypochlorite and suitable for Hydrogen Peroxide.

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Our cylindrical dosing tanks include a flat raised section shelf section which can be used to mount equipment on top of the tank. This is ideal for mounting items such as dosing pumps, industrial mixers, and instrumentation.

Customisation which we can offer includes:

Dosing Tank Fill Pipe

Dosing Tank Fill Pipe is designed for filling the dosing tanks safely by pressure delivery drum pump, the connections comprise a tank connector, 90-degree elbow, male Camlock connector and dust cap. A requirement for the Dosing Tank Fill Pipe is a vent on the tank which must be a larger inlet pipe and recommend an overflow to the bund. Available as 1″ or 1.5″ pipe sizes.

Dosing Tank Overflow Pipe

Dosing Tank Overflow Pipe is required for tanks so that in the event of an overfill situation to control excess liquid flow into the tank and diverting it generally to a low-level bund.

Mixer Mounting Bracing Plate


Dosing Tank Mixer Mounting Bracing Plate is used for mounting an electric mixer into the dosing tanks. This place is manufactured from PE can be fitted to the tank to support the weight of small mixers on the dosing tank. For heavier mixers, we recommend our floor mounted mixer frames which we have more details here – please get in touch if you have requirements for mixers.

Dosing Tank Pump Shelf

dosing tank pump shelf is required for mounting dosing pumps on tanks rather than on top of the tank. This pump shelf is manufactured from HDPE and welded to the tank.

Dosing Tank Feed Hooper

Dosing Tank Feed Hooper for adding polymers to mixer dosing tanks.

Dosing Tank Valved Sight Glass

Dosing Tank Valved Sight Glass

This dosing tank valved sight glass available for 50, 100, 200, 300, 500 & 1000-litre dosing tanks. 3 Way chemical resistant ball valve.

Dosing Tank Stand

Dosing Tank Stand

This dosing tank stand is manufactured coated steel and is used where there is a requirement to raise the tank above floor level or where flooded pumps are used. This dosing tank stand is used in conjunction with the inlet pipe, overflow and pump shelf.  Pictures show optional outlet and fittings sold separately.

Chemical Storage Bunds

Chemical Storage Bunds

A Chemical Storage Bunds provides an additional layer of containment to a dosing tank and preventing the contents of the tank from entering a watercourse or contaminating the land. They are important considering the nature of the chemical agents that can be stored in a dosing tank.  Each of our Bund tanks is designed to work with one of our dosing tanks. For example – the 172701 dosing tank has a 100 Litre capacity and is designed to stand inside the 172701-bund. The 172701-Bund has a volume of 110% of the 172701 dosing tank capacity, that is 110 Litres.

Fabricated Bunds

These drip trays are entirely acid resistant, for use with a wide range of chemicals and liquids. The dimensions of these fabricated bunds for the chemical are customisable to you your requirements and are available for 30 litres drum capacities to IBC’s.   Fabricated Bunds & Driptrays are often used in chemical dosing and plant rooms, we often customize these to incorporate pump mounting plates, mixer, and pipe framework to incorporate dosing pump systems. This ensures that the containers and any potential spill zones around the pump system are fully bunded, therefore providing a safe environment for your engineers.

Larger Acid & Chemical Tanks

Larger Acid & Chemical Tanks

Enduramaxx can supply acid tanks from fabricated PE or as rotationally moulded tanks. Fabricated tanks have endless possibilities to suit footprint or restrictions.  We already have an enormous range of off-the-shelf moulded tanks so would be worth checking our range of tanks online. Although we welcome any bespoke tank enquiry, we can quite often supply a tank which is very close to your requirements, from our “off the shelf” range.

For more details on Customised Chemical Dosing Tanks – please get in touch.

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