Do Fertiliser Tanks Need To Be Bunded? Best Practice Storage

Do fertiliser tanks need to be bunded Liquid fertiliser is often required to be bunded can be either a concrete bund,  fabricated bund or a bunded fertiliser tank.  Typically, plastic tanks have various properties that make it an inexpensive and safe way to store liquid fertilizers.  These containers are the result of an automatic manufacturing process that results in a seamless tank and keep your fertilizer safely inside.

Enduramaxx recommends that farmers work with their fertiliser supplier and acess the risk and take advantage of DEFRA and the AIC codes of practice for the storage of liquid fertilisers.

Plastic Fertiliser Tank Siting

There is a clear economic benefit to the user in reducing losses of nutrients to the wider environment, whether from accidental spillage, poor management practices or vandalism. Based on the AIC’s guidelines we provide some tips on fertiliser tank siting.

  • Tanks should be suitably sited to avoid potential pollution of watercourses or groundwater in the event of any spillage with good constructed Vehicular access for offloading.
  • Tanks should be sited away from public access to minimise the risk of vandalism.
  • No tanks should be sited within 10 metres of a watercourse or a drain leading to a watercourse of which the user has the responsibility. Also, no tankers or bowsers should be taken within this area for offloading or for storage.
  • Bunding of tanks is always recommended and outlets and sight gauges should be lockable or inoperable when unattended and should be supported in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation.
  • A routine programme for checking the tanks should be in place as with all storage tanks.

Further details can be found here in regard to the AIC Fluid Fertilisers Guidance as well as the Red Tractor Farm standards here

Are Plastic Tanks suitable for long term Fertilizer Storage?

This question is common because it is very often you end up storing fertilizer for more than a year. The answer is yes!  Plastic fertiliser grade tanks are suitable for long term fertilizer storage. But how long? There are certain features on a plastic tank that will make a huge difference with the amount of time they will last. It is important you check your tank to see whether it has these 4 must-haves.

4 Must-Haves for a Poly Tank:

If you are looking to purchase a poly tank for liquid fertilizer storage, it is important that the tank includes these 3 things. All these benefits will make storing fertilizer for a long period of time much safer and secure.

  • Strong Side-walls – The sidewall of your tank is the most important part of the product. This is because all the pressure of the heavy liquid is relying on the walls. Ribbed walls on your poly tank will strengthen the plastic.
  • Strong Roof – A strong roof on a poly tank is essential for long term liquid storage. With the ribbed roof structure, this sees that the tank will last much longer than 10 years.
  • 10 Year Warranty – This is what really makes a difference. A good way to determine how long a poly tank will last is by looking at the warranty. This will often tell you how long the manufacturer thinks the tank will be able to store liquid safely.
  • Outlet & Flushing Valve – The correct outlet ensures less time spent filling the sprayer and a flushing valve for drainage and flushing of sediments in the tank.

Enduramaxx Fertiliser Tank Advantage

Enduramaxx manufactures a range of bunded and single wall fertiliser tanks up to 30,000 litres, for more details on static liquid fertiliser tanks whether bunded or single-skin, as well as the transport fertiliser bowsers, please get in touch today or view online here.

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