Do I Need A CAT5 Break Tank For An Irrigation System?

A CAT5 Break Tank for an irrigation system is used to provide an air gap between the mains supply inlet and the water level in the tank.  Under the water regulations 1999, water is categorised depending on the risk surrounds the water tanks use.

In the legislation, fluid risk category 5 covers the following areas:

Fluids represent a serious health hazard because of the concentration of pathogenic organisms, radioactive or very toxic substances, including any fluid which contains

  • faecal material or other human waste:
  • butchery or other animal waste: or
  • pathogens from any other source.

If a water tank is receiving a water supply from a source other than a public supply (rainwater, borehole, spring, etc) a break tank is required also.

Irrigation water is generally classed as category 4 or 5 so provision for either an air gap should be installed on the main water supply or a pumped break tank can be used to fill the main water holding tank.

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What is a Cat 5 Water Tank?

A Cat 5 Water Tank features an air gap between the inlet and outlet to ensure that the water in the tank or cistern does not flow back into the mains supply.  These air gaps are Type AB which meets the relevant Water Regulations requirements for Category 5.  If for any reason the mains water fill valve fails, water in the tank cannot reach the inlet and risk contaminating the mains supply.  More View details on our AB air gap tanks up to 30,000 litres are available here.

Enduraamxx What is a Cat 5 Break Tank

Pumped Break Tanks

Pumped Break Tanks are often 500 or 1000 litre air gap tanks and provide category 5 compliance and fitted with a pump that fills the main water storage tank.  An auto-start device on the pump starts the pump where there is a demand for water and stop the pump when the demand ceases.

Enduramaxx Break Tanks

Our break tanks are rotationally moulded from MDPE which is UV stabilised may years of outside use.   These tanks are available with tank modifications to suit your installation including provision for liquid level sensor assemblies, fill pipes, BSP threaded inlets, outlets, PN16 and ANSI flanges and welded sockets are available.  Please call today to discuss your requirements for CAT5 break tanks for irrigation systems.

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