What Is A Cat 5 Break Tank?

A Cat 5 break tank is a water tank featuring an air gap between the inlet and outlet to ensure that the water in the tank or cistern does not flow back into the mains water supply and meet the relevant Water Regulations requirements for Category 5.

Plastic Fluid CAT5 Break Tanks

Fluid Category 5 AB Air Gap Break Tank is required for the installation and use of cold-water storage cisterns and sectional tanks connected to the public water supply.  For more details on installations that come under the scope of fluid category 5 are available here.

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Other Fluid Categories For Water Break Tanks

 Fluid category 1

Wholesome water supplied by a water undertaker and complying with the requirements of regulations made under section 67 of the Water Industry Act 1991.

 Fluid category 2

Water in fluid category 1 whose aesthetic quality is impaired owing to–  (a) a change in its temperature, or / (b) the presence of substances or organisms causing a change in its taste, odour or appearance,  including water in a hot water distribution system.

 Fluid category 3

The fluid which represents a slight health hazard because of the concentration of substances of low toxicity, including any fluid which contains– (a) ethylene glycol, copper sulphate solution or similar chemical additives, or (b) sodium hypochlorite (chloros and common disinfectants).

 Fluid category 4

The fluid which represents a significant health hazard because of the concentration of toxic substances, including any fluid which contains– (a) chemical, carcinogenic substances or pesticides (including insecticides and herbicides), or / (b) environmental organisms of potential health significance.

Can I Purchase An Insulated CAT5 Break Tank?

Yes, insulated Fluid Category 5 AB Air Gap Break Tank are available and are generally required where the tank is installed in locations such as plant rooms where the ambient outside the tank could possibly cause the water in the tank to rise with a risk of legionella.  Other installations such as water stored outside in the sunlight can come under the requirements for insulated water break tanks.  More detail on the insulated tanks are available here

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Vertical Plastic CAT5 Break Tank

Enduramaxx manufactures a range of vertical plastic CAT5 break tanks with Fluid Category 5 backflow prevention.  These have the air gap turret and weir allowing the installer to use one-piece moulded tank saving time rather than sectional tanks which require assembly on site.   Our 1000 slimline water tanks are designed for space restrictive locations and to fit through doorways which are fitted with the letterbox weir, screened mesh to prevent the ingress of dust and insects and a cowl over the weir.

View our vertical CAT5 break tanks here

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