Farmers Respond To Water Consultation: Rainwater Harvesting Tanks A Solution

Farmers will have had to have responded to a government consultation by this week which aims to help agriculture get its fair share of water. Water abstraction and irrigation rules face their biggest overhaul for more than 50 years under plans contained in the DEFRA and Environment Agency consultation.

The consultation is agriculture’s chance to influence how much water is available in the future and how farmers access it. Outside of this consultation, one way in which farmers can control their own water supplies more is by harnessing rainwater through the usage of rainwater harvesting tanks. By installing a water tank or a number of vertical rainwater tanks and other plastic water tanks to collect water from large roofs, significant supplies can be accrued for watering both cattle and crops, cleaning and a number of other uses.

Enduramaxx supplies one of the widest selection of rainwater harvesting tanks, vertical rainwater tanks, cone tanks and baffled water tanks for transport too. For more information, please get in touch.

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