Film Props UK, Why Use Water Tanks?

Film Props UK often require lateral thinking for water and effects and often look at plastic water tanks for use as props in film sets, photographic shoots and shows as they are lightweight for ease of installation. Plastic water tanks great for use in industrial scenes to give the impression of factories and tank farms as well as conical tanks for agricultural silos and rainwater tanks for use in environmental programs.

Water Tanks for Film Props

Being rotational moulded, these tanks are long-lasting and hard-wearing and the texture of the tank do allow some paints to be applied on the tanks.  With over 400 different sizes to choose from our commonly used storage tanks used in props for water storage and effects include

Water Bowsers & Sprayers for Water Effects

Our range of sprayers and water bowsers can also be used as sprayers for water effects are power by a 12-volt pump and available in a range of sizes from 34 litres to 120 litres wheel barrow sprayers which have a hose lance and spray gun.  Our range of water bowsers can be used for dust suppression and fire suppression uses.  Powdered by a 12 volt or as motorised unit these can provide water and lots of it when required.

Drinking-Water Bowsers

Our water bowsers are WRAS approved for storage of potable drinking water.  The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) under the umbrella of the UK Government’s DEFRA (Department for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs) states that; “Protection of public health of consumers through safeguarding the quality of drinking water is a key aspect of the drinking water quality regulatory framework” Regulation 31 ensures that water suppliers, when producing and distributing drinking water, only use products and substances that do not cause any detrimental effects on the safety or quality of the drinking water.

Have a look at Sky One’s hit TV show ‘Bulletproof 2’ to check our Cone Tanks on the big screen- Great TV binge-watching during this lockdown period!

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