How To Be Fluid Category 5 Compliant

How to be fluid category 5 compliant, fluid category 5 AB airgaps are now a requirement on most water tanks and systems that traditionally would have been connected directly to the mains water supply network. At Enduramaxx, we have listed three ways that you can consider becoming compliant if your system comprises an existing water tank.

Three Ways To Become Fluid Category 5 Compliant

  1. AB air gap installed on the side of the tank – this option involves cutting a letterbox weir in the side of the wall of the tank, welding a screened mesh to water authority standards, and a cowl to protect the weir from ingress of dust and direct sunlight onto the water tank.  This type of airgap will reduce the effective capacity of the tank from the initial tank volume as a drop am float valve will generally be required.
  2. Pumped break tank– This popular option means that a small tank, with a pump and an overflow warning pipe, is at a low level making it easy for maintenance. A small-capacity break tank is fitted with a pump to provide supply to the main water storage tank. This type of installation means the category 5 break tank and the pump does not need to be sited directly above or near the existing tank and can be put in a shed or enclosure outside.  More details of our small break tank solutions can be found here.
  3. A category 5 break tank turret – this option involves installing a category 5 turret on top of the water tank which is in place.  This break tank turret houses the float valve and fills the tank below but will require additional height on top of the tank.  More details on this can be found here.

What is Fluid Category 5?

See more details here

Examples of environments that require these solutions include urinals, laboratories, drain cleaning plants, industrial cisterns, water storage in agriculture and construction, and bin stores. For cold water storage cisterns and design recommendations for mains supply inlets. Download your copy here.

When designing a new water system, implications of incorrect mains water connections can be expensive with fines starting at £1,000.00 or court order. Please feel free to contact us to discuss further how to be fluid category 5 compliant or email us at

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