IBC & Silo Tanks for Solids, Granules & Pellets

IBC & Silo Tanks for Solids, Granules & Pellets for bulk material storage are made from high-quality polyethene. These tanks and silos are manufactured by rotational moulding process which gives a one-piece moulded tank. In black, natural, and blue, these bulk IBC and solos are food safe and WRAS approved for foodstuffs and drinks. When opaque these tanks are transparent to see the level in the tank without the requirement for level gauges or sensors.

Our IBC & Silo Tank Range

Granular Storage Silo

Plastic Granular Storage Silo Tanks are designed for the storage of dry powders, pellets & granules including powdered cement and are available in a range of 17 sizes. They are constructed to have a consistent wall thickness and chemical resistance designed for use within the chemical/plastics and food industries. These plastic tanks are suitable for use within the agriculture and equine sectors as storage for animal feeds.

These plastic silo tanks are used for, Dry Salt, Animal Feeds, Grain, Lime, Plastic Pellets, Granular Fertilisers, Food and Grain Products, Minerals and Aggregates and many other dry products.

IBC Totes & Hoppers

IBC Totes & Hoppers are available in 9 sizes (for liquids) and 5 sizes (for solids) and are constructed to provide years of safe and reliable performance in the transportation and storage of liquids. These plastic tanks are supplied as standard with a heavy-duty galvanised steel support frame with casters.

IBC Totes & Hoppers are used for in-plant handling of powders and granules in pharmaceutical, food and chemical processing as the conical shape of the come and smooth, seamless interior surface promote the flow of contents. These tanks are available with stainless steel stands

Plastic Meal Bin For Pellets

Plastic Meal Bins are manufactured from rotationally moulded plastic and available in several sizes which can be easily moved by forks or bale lifter attachment. These bins are fitted with a weatherproof (lockable) plastic lid to prevent rodents’ access and mounted on a galvanised metal frame.

IBC & Silo Frames & Customisation

These silos are available are mounted in steel frames and available with additions including forklift slots, raised frames, inlet and outlet tank fittings, pipes, baffles, level gauges and slider and decanting fittings.

Conical or Flat Base Tanks?

When setting up storage for foodstuffs, the number one question asked is, do you choose cone bottom or flat bottom tanks?  Both options have advantages and disadvantages depending on the liquids or solids and granules being stored and based on what is being stored, the wrong decision can cause you a lot of pain and money.

We compare both options and explain how to make this decision right the first time in our article here.

The Enduramaxx Silo Tank Advantage

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