Plastic Effluent Tanks: What Is Available?

Above ground plastic effluent tanks or sewage effluent holding tanks are suitable for temporary effluent waste storage installations where connection to a mains sewer is not available.? Other uses for these tanks include sites in remote locations, motorway construction sites, camping, glamping and events.? These tanks are available in sizes from 2500 litres to 20000 litres either as bunded or single skin tanks.

Customisable Tanks

These effluent tanks are fitted with a low-level flanged outlet with a gate valve and Bauer tanker connection. Filling the tanks is through the welded fill pipe which is available 2” – 6” terminating in a PN16 or BSP socket. Access to the tank is through a lid on the top of the tank.

These effluent storage tanks are manufactured from uv protected polyethene these tanks are durable and long-lasting. Available with a range of inlet and outlet options and carbon filters to suit your installation, these tanks can be joined to make one larger tank with an optional high-level alarm.

Above Ground Effluent Holding Tanks

Our above ground effluent tanks are available as vertical, horizontal and bunded tanks for use with storage of liquid waste from the effluent process and range from 1000 litres to 20,000 litres in capacity.

View our above ground tank range here

Bunded Effluent Tanks

Our above ground bunded effluent tanks are a tank within a tank and give the 110% bunded required for some installations. These vertical bunded tanks are available up to 20,000 litres – often quickly from stock – and can be fitted with a range of waste tanker connections including Bauer fittings, vents, and pipework.

View our bunded effluent tanks here

Underground Effluent Holding Tanks

Our underground effluent holding tanks are suitable for storing effluent when the tank needs to be buried. These tanks are supplied with flat Ares for easy drilling for spigots, inlets, and outlets as required. View our underground effluent tanks online here.

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