Sludge Storage Tank Design: Raw, Treated, Sewage Effluent

Sludge Storage Tank Design – Enduramaxx works with many effluent water treatment installers and has experience and expertise to work closely with our clients.   For a correct sludge tank design, there are a few points including daily sludge flow, pump frequency and what the sludge makeup is as this differs from industry to industry.   By getting an understanding of the effluent sludge being collected and treated can affect the design and capacity required.

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Applications for Sludge Tanks

Sludge tanks are used in wastewater treatment application which generally involves raw or treated effluent, final effluent, raw sewage or sewage sludge.  Other examples of uses for concealing based solids settling tanks in effluent removal are anaerobic digestion, effluent treatment plants and concentration of apple mulch after cider fermentation.  Complete drainage and easy removal of difficult sludge’s and the cone base enables the tank to be cleaned and drained when required. Decanting/racking ports allow for liquor/effluent removal at different levels for dewatering.

Enduramaxx Sludge Storage Tanks

Our conical tanks offer a unique full drain solution with a range of over 45 conical tanks from 250 litres to 30,000 litres.  These tanks are available with various slope cones depending on the application with 5, 15, 30, 45 and 60-degree cone options.  This cone angle ensures maximum performance, with even the most viscous liquids not building up inside the tank.  For settling more installations work with the stepper cones these cones have been tested and proved as most effective for solids settling and solids separation applications.

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Features of these Dished Base Settling Tanks

  • Cone base enables the tank to be cleaned and drained
  • Decanting/racking ports allow for liquor/effluent removal at different levels
  • Rotationally moulded, UK stabilised PE construction for many years of outside use.
  • Available with different colours – black, dark green, natural – translucent to view level in the tank)

Equipment Mounting, Pipework and Customisation for Sludge Tanks

These settling tanks are available with customised fittings and flanges including BSP inlets and outlets, PN16 and ANSI flanges, welded socketsvents, liquid level sensor assemblies,  fill pipes and suction pipes, as well as side access hatches.

For more details on Sludge Storage Tank Design for your effluent or wastewater treatment plant – please get in touch.

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