Plastic Storage Tanks for Industry: Water, Chemical Settlement

Plastic storage tanks for the industry – storage tanks manufactured from plastic are becoming the new normal for chemical storage. These tanks designed and manufactured to expecting specifications with more than 1,500 chemicals being able to be stored in these tanks.  Enduramaxx manufacture a range of plastic chemical storage tanks for industry including;

Single Wall Chemical Tanks

Our Industrial Water & Chemical Tanks are available from 150 to 30,000 litres. Increased wall thickness means that specific gravities of between 1.5 SG – 2 SG can be stored.  These plastic Industrial Water & Chemical Tanks tanks are rotationally moulded and designed with a smooth interior to help resist the growth of algae and bacteria and are easy to clean.

View our single wall chemical storage tanks here

Process Water Tanks

Industrial Process Water Tanks are generally fitted with a bottom drain 1-2” BSP male thread, it is possible to have further and larger connections fitted to the tank. BSP fittings up to 4” and welded flanges up to 12 “ are available as well as a range of overflow and welded pipework. Options including industrial mixers, conductivity assemblies as well as liquid level sensor assemblies, and fill pipes.

View our process water tanks here

Bunded (Double Wall) Chemical Tanks

Enduramaxx Bunded Chemical Storage Tanks for Admix, chemical storage, wastewater, de-icer, and fertiliser storage. Pipework and flange customisation are available to suit your project. These bunded acid tanks contain a minimum 110% volume of the inner tank. Simply put, a plastic bunded tank is a ‘tank within a tank’ that helps customers conform to current health and safety legislation.

View our Bunded (Double Wall) Chemical Tanks here

Acid Storage Tanks

Using High-Density Polyethylene or Polypropylene, we have manufactured many storage vessels installed in a virtually endless array of applications.  From our Ferric Chloride Tanks and Caustic Storage, our team of design engineers are on hand to develop Plastic Storage Tank solutions to fit your situation.

View our bespoke acid storage tank range here

Conical Full Drain Cone Tanks

Conical tanks are unique in that their contents discharge completely through a cone point at the centre of their base, instead of an outlet further up on the side of the tank. Their cone base and smooth internal walls ensure complete discharge. This has clear advantages for food production, manufacturing and farming applications.

View our cone tanks here

Effluent & Sludge Tanks

Sludge is a thick soft mud or other viscous liquids is typically the by-product of wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater solids and settled suspension from potable water treatment. It often contains various types of pathogens as well as heavy contaminants, in the case of industrial waste, chemical pollutants.  These Plastic storage tanks for industry and sludge treatment tanks are available up to 30,000 litres.

View our effluent & sludge tanks online here

Chemical Dosing Tanks with Bunds

Chemical dosing is used in conjunction with several types of equipment including coagulation and flocculation (Alum & Ferric), RO plants (Bisulphite & Antiscalent), ph adjustment (Caustic & Acid), Demineralisation plant regeneration (Hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid and sodium hydroxide), Boilers (Hydrazine) etc. Chemical dosing can also be used separately e.g. hypochlorite dosing to sterilize water supplies.

View our range of chemical dosing tanks here

Secondary Containment Bunds

These drip trays are entirely acid resistant, for use with a wide range of chemicals and liquids. The dimensions of these drip trays are customisable to you your requirements and are available from 50 litres capacities for dosing tanks to multiple 30,000-litre tanks capacities.

View our range of Secondary Containment Bunds and drip trays here

Clarification and Settlement Tanks

Enduramaxx’s Clarifier / Clarification Tanks are used for the continuous mechanised removal of suspended solids or solid particles from a liquid. These plastic tanks, otherwise known as Conical Clarification Tanks or Clarification Cone Bottom Tanks are available in a range of sizes. Clarifier water treatment is part of the primary water treatment process.

View our range of clarification and settlement tanks here

Rectangular Water & Acid Tanks

Bespoke Effluent Storage Tanks Many industries such as those in metal processing require process tanks and bunds that can clean or etch metal strip at high speed through corrosive solutions – often at elevated temperatures.

View our plastic rectangular tank here

Flocculation Tanks

These Flocculation Tank are available as 2 and 3 Stage Flocculation Tank with single or double wire and mixer bridges.  These flash mixer and flocculation or coagulation tank are available in sizes from 1m3 to 4m3 size. In simple terms, flocculation is the process by which individual solid particles in liquid clot together into bigger particles known as ‘clots’ or ‘flocs’ which can then be separated off to leave a cleaner and clearer liquid behind.

View our range of Flocculation tanks here

Aquaculture & Fish Rearing Tanks

Our bespoke design and customised build service for UK’s aquaculture industry include round and square tanks, open top and closed. The special features of Enduramax’s aquaculture tanks include thermal & biosecurity properties, hygienic and easy to clean, chemical resistance, shockproof and UV stabilised.  These tanks are traditionally used for Koi tanks, Fish Tanks, Fish Ponds and Fish holding/quarantine Tanks.

View these tanks online here

Foodstuffs Storage

Our storage tanks and silos for the food & drinks industry are manufactured from polypropylene (PP) or polyethene (HDPE) which is food-grade material, has FDA & WRAS approvals and is non-taint and odour free.

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Our specialist & bespoke plastic tanks for industry are from the highest-grade materials using the latest technologies in rotationally moulded UV stabilisation, ensuring excellent resistance.  For more details please get in touch.

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