Pressure Washer Bowser Hire, Hire or Buy? What Is Best?

Pressure washer bowser hire, our wide range of agricultural and industrial pressure washers include cold and hot water machines, water bowsers and wheelbarrow pressures designed to be time and water-efficient for surface cleaning of machinery and surfaces. Other uses for these units include drain jetting, plant washing, wheel washing, graffiti removal, concrete preparation, and general site cleaning. 

Buying A Pressure Washer Is Less Than You Think

As a guide, 1000 litre road tow pressure washer bowsers fitted with a 15 l/min pressure washer unit would cost about £130 per day for single day hire, £70 per additional day and from £270 to £300 per week hire. This means that over course of 12-15 weeks of hire this spec product could have been purchased and would be yours rather than an ongoing expense.

Mobile Pressure Washers for Construction & Agriculture

Our range of site and highway pressure washer trailers are popular on construction sites, farmers, and councils and are generally keep in stock for quick delivery or collection as we understand that these products often required on-site quickly.

Our stocked pressure washers.

  • 1200ltr Site Tow with Honda Recoil Start – View Product Spec Here
  • 2000ltr Site tow with Honda recoil Start – View Product Spec Here
  • 1200ltr Road tow with Honda recoil Start – View Product Spec Here
  • 700ltr Site tow with Honda recoil Start – View Product Spec Here

Diesel-powered Bowser Pressure Washer Units

Our diesel-powered bowser pressure washer units feature 2900 PSI of pressure allowing these versatile units to be used for cleaning or drain maintenance in even the most remote locations or where mains water is not available. Our Diesel Pressure Washers for UK Construction are available mounted on a purpose-built fully road legal trailer up to 2000 litres which chassis which complies with all EU Trailer requirements. The industrial jet pressure washer is ready to use and is fully equipped with a towing facility and all road-legal lighting for use in the EU.

Coldwater pressure washers are the most popular and are used for construction, councils and contracting applications. As these are powered by an engine, they can be used in remote locations away from an electrical supply. These jet power washers options are power by Yanmar and Honda giving reliability and power when you need it.

View our diesel-powered pressure washer bowsers here

Other Types of Mobile Pressure Washers Available

Which type of mobile pressure washer is the best? Are site tow or wheelbarrow pressure washers available?  – We are always asked are what kind of pressure washer trailer are best for the application and for other stylers such as site tow and wheelbarrow units where a trailer pressure washer bowser is too big. The best for the customer comes down to the customers’ requirements and if they are intending to go on the road and amount of usage for the unit.

Whether it’s a road, site tow or a skid pressure washer bowser hire that’s required, we can run over with you your needs to find out the application you have, and the best products which will work best and for the budget you have.

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