What Is A Jet Wash Bowser? Why Every Site Needs One

What is a jet wash bowser?  A jet wash bowser or pressure washer bowser is designed for agricultural and construction use for machinery wash down, a way of reducing the impacts of the mud of the road from machinery leaving the site and for health and safety reasons.

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In agriculture and construction, cleaning is an important topic also for health and safety reducing the risks of slipping on machinery when entering and leaving the cab and with Mud On The Road – Highways Act 1980 

Having a jet wash bowser or pressure washer bowser on site is recommended to help to ensure the safety of all personnel and provide persons on site with an effective and quick way of cleaning and washing down.  A few examples of uses for these include tracks of excavators, underneath vehicles and tyres and graffiti.

What is a Bowser?

A bowser is a portable tank either on wheels or on a skid used to store water either for cleaning as clean water for canteens, toilets and washing. Often these are fitted with pumps to be a standalone booster pump unit for canteens or for other uses on site.

Jet wash bowsers or pressure wash bowsers are portable bowsers fitted with an engine, pump, hose, and a lance and designed to be moved around. Many areas on site do not have clean running water so these can provide a ready supply of clean water on demand.

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What Types of Bowsers Are Available?

Bowsers are generally classed into the following three categories.

Site Tow Bowser

Site Tow Water Bowsers are designed for site applications for water transport, dust suppression, plant watering and pressure washing. A range of water pumps, pressure washer and dust suppression dribble bars are available to suit your requirements. Being mounded on a galvanised frame with flotation tyres, these bowsers are available from 300 to 5,000 litres capacity.

Skid Mount Bowsers

Skid-mounted bowsers are water tanks mounted on a galvanised skid frame, often with a pump plate, on to mount pumps and pressure washers. This range of site bowser is designed for sitting on the back of pickups, flat trailers or trucks and are moved by lifting by the forklift slots on the frame.

Road / High Tow Bowsers

Road Tow Water Bowsers are built to meet the highway regulations and are equipped with lights and indicators with an electrical connection like what you would find on other highway going trailers. Road towable water bowsers have an advantage over site towable bowsers as they can be pre-filled prior to travel and towed to events or festivals where clean water and/or drinking water is required.

Diesel Pressure Washers For Construction

Our heavy-duty Diesel Pressure Washers For Construction Sites and range of water bowsers are built especially for use within agricultural, industrial and commercial environments. These portable units are perfect for farms and construction sites. Diesel pressure washers have lower emissions than petrol-powered pressure washers making this ideal for construction sites.

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Increasing Levels of Efficiency on Site

Pressure washer bowsers help increase levels of efficiency on-site as they offer quick access to water. Pressure washer bowsers are a much quicker way to cleaning mud and dirt from machinery as well as helping maintain your equipment in good condition as dirty machinery tends to break down more often.

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For more details, pricing and availability of jet wash browsers, drinking water bowsers for emergency water, water storage tanks for potable water supply and welfare units and dust suppression bowsers, please view our pressure washer bowser range here or enquire at sales@enduramaxx.co.uk

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