Following the recent rise in COVID-19 infection rates and the Government’s decision to go into a second Lockdown. Enduramaxx would like to update all suppliers and customers the measures the organisation have taken since the COVID-19 outbreak in March.

Our Head Office in Baston continues to operate with high levels of Health & Safety regulations being put in place and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). We have invested heavily in PPE equipment over the last couple of months and maintained social distance measures to enable a ‘safety first’ policy. Not only that, but we have devoted heavily in our hardware and software to enable our staff continue to work and have been delighted with how the transition has been. With this in mind, we do not foresee any issues in the immediate future with regards to how the organisation is operated within our sales, customer service, finance, manufacturing and delivery. We shall be communicating every morning to react to current government advice should this change. This information will be fully disseminated to all staff on a daily basis so that they are all up to speed with our current plans. For now, it’s business as usual.

We wish all of our suppliers and customers are firstly safe and able to operate as smoothly during these challenging times.

For and on behalf of all staff members of Enduramaxx

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