Rainwater Harvesting In Agriculture With Enduramaxx

Rainwater harvesting involves collection and storage of rainfall for later use. Since the development of rainwater harvesting technology, it has become crucial for agricultural practices. The use of rainwater harvesting in agriculture proves useful for many functions, such as cleaning machinery, drinking water for livestock, and toilet flushing or other application use.

In general, harvesting systems optimise efficiency and decrease your water bill, something which many businesses are currently looking to achieve. With the excessive amount of rainfall in the UK, utilising rainwater offers an obvious advantage. With a high-quality, UV-stabilised polymer tank you can store rainwater much more safely. Read on to find out more.

Equipment Needed For Rainwater Harvesting Systems

The components needed for rainwater harvesting for agriculture are simple and low maintenance. You will require a collection system, for example, a roof, and a tank that acts as the water storage element for harvesting systems. At Enduramaxx, we recognise that according to water boards, farms are areas of business with some of the highest Fluid Category 5 risks, meaning they can potentially represent serious health risks. By purchasing our water tanks for farm rainwater harvesting, you have backflow protection for these risks.

Uses Of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

As you’re probably aware, animals consume a lot of water. While this value depends on the type of establishment you are running and the number of animals you are needing to feed, the cost of this inevitably eats into your profits. Since the development of rainwater harvesting technology, free rainfall can now be used for animals to drink. While it is a farmer’s personal choice as to the level of risk they are prepared to take with their animals, rainwater is generally considered very safe to drink. Rainwater harvesting systems go the extra mile by incorporating UV filtration and decontamination, which is not the case with the water that animals would naturally drink from streams or watercourses, for example.

Harvested rainwater can also be utilised within various systems found within the agricultural industry. By incorporating rainwater harvesting on farms, toilet flushing and sprinkler systems use less water, which effectively leads to cheaper bills. The stored rainwater can also be used to clean and maintain any machinery, offering a cheap and easy alternative. While the system may look initially expensive, after considering the money you will save in the long-run, a rainwater harvesting system will unarguably pay for itself when it comes to agricultural practices.

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