Why Harvest Rainwater?

There are many reasons people choose to use rainwater around their homegarden and even for commercial uses. Using rainwater can bring significant economic, and environmental benefits and below are a few reasons people choose to use rainwater – and the benefits this choice brings. 

Rainwater reduces dependence on mains water 

Rainwater harvesting can supply water for a lot of your requirements for water.  Reducing your dependence on mains water will, in turn, reduce your water billssave money and ensure you’re less affected by water restrictions due to drought.  The cost of supplying mains water to the community continues to increase, and homeowners and businesses can start saving rainwater today. 

Saving money or qualifying for rebates 

Rainwater has other benefits tooas well as the water you save, as rainwater is free, you can save money on water bills as well as qualify for rainwater system grants and tax rebates in some areas.  View our rainwater tanks here.

Helps meet building control regulations 

In some areas new build properties, whether it is residential or commercial, there is a push on being sustainable.  Rainwater harvesting can help with this for water and energy efficiency. 

Personal preference 

Some people prefer to use rainwater for reasons related to health as its freshwater without the added chemicals that are used to treat mains supplied water. 

Household applications  

There are many other ways around the house in which rainwater harvesting can help in the United Kingdom. 

1) Garden Watering –?Some homes use hundreds of litres of drinkable water each year watering their garden, either through hosepipes or watering cans or through automated sprinkler systems. 

2) Car Washing –?An average hosepipe will race through around 10 litres per minute, while a domestic bucket may hold 15 litres of water. 

3) Filling Ponds & Other Garden Features –?Ponds too are far better topped up with rainwater due to its soft nature and the fact that it is free from chlorine residue. 

4) Toilet Flushing –?For this purpose, rainwater requires nothing more than good filtration, to remove debris and particles that might otherwise discolour the water or block valves. 

5) Clothes Washing –?Harvested rainwater is also excellent when used for washing clothes, particularly in hard water areas. 

Please view our video for more reasons why to harvest rainwater?  View how much rainwater your area get here.

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