How Rainwater Technology Can Benefit Your Business

How rainwater technology can benefit your business – whether you are a farmer requiring water for wash down, a fruit grower needing water for irrigation, or a construction site requiring water for dust suppression, facilities and flushing toilets, water costs for clean water and disposal is a major expense for any business. With industries are facing a greater demand for water whilst having an environmental approach to saving and reusing water – how can you help decrease water expenses while helping limit water shortages and pressure on the water supply network? Rainwater Harvesting Technology!

3 Ways Rainwater-Harvesting Technology Can Benefit Your Business

A New Free Source of Water

Many of us think of water as an infinite resource, however, potable drinking water makes up less than 1% of the water in the world according to sources.  Much of the water we use does not have to be purified (potable/of drinking water quality) and conservative estimates indicate that rainwater could replace up to 85% of the water used in commerce, industry, and agriculture.

Rainwater is a free source of water and by means of collecting, filtering, treating and storing the water, roofs and ground surfaces can increase the amount of clean water you have while relieving the local water infrastructure of stress on supply. Rainwater harvesting can be also viewed as a part of a green infrastructure approach to water management.

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Water Recycling

Another way to save water is to treat water that you have used and recycle it. Many systems for recycling wastewater have a higher setup cost than a home system, however, for companies that are using a lot of water, this technology can become a cost-effective alternative to mains water systems as it is constantly being topped up with fresh water as it rains. With help of water treatment, dosing and disinfection harvested rainwater can be used for nearly any purpose that requires water whilst being topped up with a free source.

Environmentally Friendly

Rainwater harvesting an environmentally friendly solution to reducing mains water use, increasing water reuse and other systems including collection systems and your environmental footprint. This eco-friendly or green technology and helps provide money-saving solutions that do not cost the earth to install. Some industries such as the dairy industry can make quick savings through rainwater harvesting and borehole installation. According to an ADAS report on a Derbyshire farm which spent £12,500 on a borehole, pumps, control unit and buffer tank with the equipment is housed in an existing building, with mains backup supply was able to make savings in water costs of £6,000 in the first year. On this installation mains, water can still be used as a backup supply, if the borehole supply failed, and the buffer tank had run out of collected rainwater.

Enduramxx Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

There are grants for rainwater harvesting storage tanks, water recycling systems and your rainwater harvesting system which are available in regions of the country. Enduramaxx offers a wide range of water tanks from horizontal tanks which can be used as water bowsers to large vertical rainwater tanks. For more details on rainwater harvesting on farms, commercial properties and industry – please get in touch.

How Much Rainwater Can I Save?

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