Slimline Rainwater Tanks: 400 - 1000 Litre Slimline Tanks

Enduramaxx new slimline rainwater tanks are available in flat, upright or horizontal designs and been designed to meet the widest possible range of uses in rainwater harvesting. These tanks are available in 400 litres, 500 litres, 800 litre and 1000 litre capacities.

What size water tank do I want?

One of the most common questions faced when purchasing a water tank is what size of water tank do I need?  With the ideal size water tank being down to the induvial person usage of water it can be difficult to answer this question. Most popular with domestic houses and applications is the 500 litres, 1000 litre, 2,000 litres and 3,000-litre sizes

The slimline water tanks we manufacture measure only 800mm wide and are 1200mm high.  These tanks can easily fit through a regular door, it’s easy to manoeuvre around corners and down narrow walkways of houses. To maximise water storage, these slimline water tanks can be connected in series with a tank connection kit to maximise your water storage capacity.

What colour slimline tank can I purchase?

These slimline tanks are available in a variety of colours. Most popular for domestic rainwater harvesting are black and dark green as these are opaque so as not to allow algae to grow in the tank. These are also the colours we stock so as to deliver quickly. Special colours can be manufactured at an additional cost.

Save water save money

Purchasing an Enduramaxx slimline water tank is a smart decision because it helps save your money off your water bills. Being easy to install and connect to a hose or to a pump, you can start saving money the next time it rains! Connect a rainwater filter to the downpipe and this will stop leaves, moss and sediment from getting into the tank and will be there for next time you need to water the garden. The slimline water tanks are perfect for rainwater harvesting, water for washing the car and filling the pool or fishpond.

About our slimline water tanks

When buying an Endurmaxx slimline water tank, you are buying quality and reliability

  • Every tank carries a 10-year product guarantee – check online for our installation guide
  • Only food-grade virgin materials are in our tanks ensuring tanks will last.
  • These tanks are UV resistant for many years of use, black, green and blue colours stop algae growth in the tank.
  • A bottom outlet with a 40mm male BSP thread is fitted as standard, smaller and larger fittings are available
  • Inlet strainers and rainwater filters are available –these are sized according to your roof size.
  • A black, screw tight lid with a vent to allow the water to drain quickly when required.
  • Range of taps and water fittings area available. These can be raised to give easy access to a watering can or a bucket.

Regardless of the type of tank purchased, proper installation is required to ensure that it performs satisfactorily over the long term.

  • 1000 metres is 1000 kg so make sure you have a smooth, level concrete slab to support the tank
  • If you site your water tank near an existing gutter downpipe, it is easier to connect the rainwater pipe filter pipework to the tank

How much water can I harvest?

This can be easily calculated by knowing your roof area and multiplying the total m2 of roof area by your annual rainfall average.

View our online rainwater calculator here and view the Met Office rainwater details here

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