What Size Of Slimline Water Tank Is Best For You?

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Rainwater harvesting and storage is a simple, cost-effective, and sustainable way to reduce your utilities expenses and support responsible water consumption. However, with an extensive array of slimline water tank sizes, shapes, and designs available, it can be challenging to know which is the best option for your circumstances. In this article, we’ll explore the factors to consider to ensure your chosen tank meets your needs.

How Much Rainwater Can I Save?

1. Amount Of Rainfall

UK average regional rainfall levels are widely varied across the country. In southern England, for instance, annual precipitation is approximately 630mm, which is considerably less than in the Highlands of Scotland where more than 4,500mm is recorded each year. Generally speaking, the areas to the West and North of the island receive more rainfall than areas on the Eastern side of Britain. If your region doesn’t experience much rainfall, there’s little point investing in a large rainwater tank as it will spend most of the year largely empty. Purchasing a small water tank in an area known for its wet weather will mean you’ll be unable to store all the rainwater, and much will be lost.

2. Water Usage

When deciding which size of slimline tank you intend to purchase, it’s worth considering how you will use the rainwater that you collect and store. If the water is being collected for domestic purposes, for example to water the garden to reduce demand on mains water, then a smaller tank will probably suffice. If the tank is being used for large-scale commercial or industrial use, such as watering extensive crops, then a larger tank will pay dividends as it will be able to store more water.

3. Available Space

Siting a water tank underground requires extensive excavation and preparatory groundworks, so an above-ground slimline tank is often a more feasible and affordable option for many of our customers. Larger tanks occupy more ground space so, if you have limited room on your premises, a slimline tank may be a more practical and manageable solution. Slimline tanks, which are thinner but taller, boast a comparable capacity to the larger units; however, their size makes it easier to position them in tucked-away or secluded spots, such as behind fences, and are, therefore, less intrusive.

Enduramaxx: Experts In Slimline Water Tank Installation And Maintenance

At Enduramaxx, we stock an extensive range of high-quality slimline rainwater tanks for commercial applications.

For expert advice about which slimline water tank is best suited to your needs, or for information about any aspect of tank maintenance, please call our friendly team today on 01778 562810.

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