Settlement Tank Systems, Concept, 3D Design To Delivery

From 3D design to delivery Enduramaxx works with a number of designing and developing tank farms and water treatment settlement systems for plant and system design as well as to show what the finished product will look like.

The above design was drawn from a concept for treating contaminated water from a coal mine and designed to be a continuous flow from the taller tanks down to the smaller settlement sludge tanks.  We work with 3D models of the whole water treatment plant where we can create an overall picture as well as use the design for calculating flow through the system.

Settlement Tank Systems

Open Top Settlement Tank Systems is one area where Enduramaxx is active in the field of plant engineering as we can supply customised frames, system components and integrate our experience from initial concept through to completion.  With the suitability of rotationally moulded tanks with many chemicals,

Industries We Work With

  • Dosing of additives for livestock and the swimming pool industry,
  • Water treatment industry
  • Biogas industry for bunded tanks for ferric chloride storage and conical vessels for fermentation residues. Here the conical tank frames can be modified according to the customers’ needs with the installer being able to specify pipework inflows and outlets according to the project specification.
  • Food industry for silos for the storage of the hygienic and food-safe storage of liquids (e.g.: beverages, sauces, etc.) and solids (e.g.: almonds, nuts, etc.). These can be specified as standalone silos or as mixer vessels with mixers as required. Enduramaxx storage tanks and silos are suitable for foodstuffs (FDA) and for the storage of drinking water (WRAS).
  • Heating and refrigeration/recovery systems require modified dosing tanks containers for the storage, mixing and refill of a water-glycol mixture (glycol collecting vessel, glycol retention).
  • Wastewater treatment, neutralization plants for the adjustment of pH level of wastewater in which many installers require the vertical tanks, clarification and conical tanks as well as vertical tanks for the storage of processed water. Depending on the application, the specific gravity, flanges, and pipework can be tailored to your project.

For more details and information on our settlement tank systems, concept, 3D design to delivery – please get in touch with your next project.

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