Storage Tanks for CIP Clean In Place Systems

CIP Clean In Place Systems is popular in the drink and food manufacturing industries as these make cleaning of the tanks easier.  Reducing the need to go into the tank and less exposure to harmful chemicals as well as reducing contamination of food and beverage mixtures are also other advantages.

Clean in Place Tanks in Industrial Wastewater

Industrial process wastewater often contains chemicals that are harmful to sewage systems and wastewater treatment plants.  Chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite can kill bacteria but don’t remove process chemicals.   Cone-bottom tanks are common in CIP Clean In Place Systems as they have the advantage of a 100% drain which by preventing the contents of the storage tank from building up and reduce the risk of leaving cleaning fluid remnants in the tank after cleaning,  The full drain capability is something which wins over a vertical tank with a low-level outlet.

Also with a welded flange or socket in the bottom of the tank, you get peace of mind that there are no gaskets in the tank the fittings to harbour germs which are associated with traditional tank connections.

Solutions for CIP Cleaning Chemicals

As part of the clean-in-place process, a detergent such as Caustic Soda is usually run through the lines and surfactants like caustic soda, are particularly corrosive so need to be stored in PP Storage tanks.  A bunded chemical tank contains a minimum 110% volume of the inner tank so simply put, a bunded tank is a ‘tank within a tank’ that helps customers conform to current health and safety legislation.

Tanks for foodstuffs

Enduramaxx also manufactures storage tanks and silos for the food & drinks industry for storage of the product.  These plastic tanks for foodstuffs storage and silos are made from polypropylene (PP) or polyethene (HDPE) which is food-grade material, has food contact and & WRAS approvals, is non-taint and odour free.

Fittings and Accessories for CIP

Speciality food grade fittings, gaskets and spray balls are required to complete the specifications for your clean-in-place chemical storage system.  Enduramaxx has many years of experience working with food and beverage firm and chemical suppliers and provide cost-effective storage Storage Tanks for CIP Clean In Place Systems, chemicals and cleaning agents.  For more details please let in touch.

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