Swimming Pool Chemical Storage Best Practices

With swimming pool chemical storage, it is essential that all chemicals are stored and administered that the possibility of cross-contamination by splashing or spillage is eliminated, and the opportunity for operator error is eliminated.

The safe handling of pool chemicals

Pool chemicals may become a hazard when they become wetted by a small quantity of water or when they are improperly mixed, such as with other chemicals or reactive materials.  These corrosive chemicals will attack your skin and eyes just as readily as they will corrode metal.  All the chemicals should be kept separate from each other as mixing the wrong things together could result in flames, chlorine gas, fumes or even explode.

Keep Pool Chemicals Dry

Facility management should design and maintain designated areas for pool chemical storage so that water does not meet containers or packaging.  You should look for ways to prevent water contact with pool chemicals for example cover opened or damaged packaging; store chemicals away from doors and windows; ensure that floors are sloped to keep water drained away; store chemicals on shelves or pallets to keep containers off the floor; avoid chemical mixing

View the HSE Health and safety in swimming pools guidance here

Day Tanks & Bunds

These chemicals need to be stored in carboys, tanks, and bunds to ensure safe storage of the chemicals.   Ideally, each chemical should be stored as far away as is reasonably practical from other chemicals, in a clearly marked and defined area.

Our range of pool chemical bunds are made from PE are suitable for the water treatment chemicals used in pool plant rooms.  These bunds are designed for the corresponding chemical tank – a 110-litre chemical tank bund is designed for the 100-litre chemical dosing tank.

Our full range of chemical dosing tanks is available here.

Carboy and Drum Storage Bunds

These bunds for carboy storage, drum storage and chemical safe drip drays for storage of 25-litre drums are made from chemical resistant PP which has excellent chemical resistance to most chemicals and are often available from stock.

Dosing Tank Cabinets

Many dosing installations require power and mounting apparatus for pumps, with the ability to make these completely bespoke, we can match the size and shape exactly to suit your project.

Our full range of dosing tank cabinets can be viewed here.

The Enduramaxx Pool Chemical Storage Advantage

Our range of dosing tanks, bunds and cabinets are suitable for Pool Chemical Storage from capacities from 50 litres to 1500 litres. For more details on these please get in touch today.

View Our Chemical Storage Tanks Range

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