The Benefits of Feeding Soybean (Soya Bean) Oil to Livestock

Soybeans, also known as Soya Beans or Glycine soja, were first grown in China. They were brought to Europe by missionaries in 1740 and first grew in the Paris botanical garden. They were first brought to the United States as inexpensive ballast in 1804.

Today, the world’s top producers of soy are the United States, Brazil, Argentina, China and India. Vegetable oils are a dense digestible energy source that require less fermentation in the rumen for the energy to be released. They are commonly used in dairy rations to increase energy. They eliminate the negative side effects and digestive disorders associated with feeding more fermentable carbohydrates that are found in a high grain ration. With vegetable oils, producers can increase the energy density in the diet without increasing the risk of acidosis.

Soybean oil is 61% polyunsaturated fat and 24% mono-unsaturated fat. It is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, sterols, Vitamins A, E and K. Soybean oil is also a cheap and effective dust suppressant for animal feed.

Benefits of Feeding Soybean Oil to Livestock:

Dairy Cattle:

  • Increases caloric density of ration
  • Improves milk production
  • Improves growth of heifers
  • Improves the palatability of the ration
  • Increases the absorption of ration nutrients
  • Improves tolerance to cold and heat

Beef Cattle:

  • Increases the tolerance of new-born calves to cold
  • Improves growth of heifers
  • Improves rebreeding time of calving females
  • Increases weaning weights of calves
  • Improves body condition


  • Improves reproduction and condition of sows
  • Increases survival of piglets
  • Increases the number of pigs weaned per litter
  • Improves rate of gain and feed efficiency
  • Increases sow conception rate in reduced time


  • Increases egg mass
  • Improves egg production
  • Improves utilisation of feed nutrients
  • Increases rate of gain
  • Improves feed efficiency
  • Improves carcass characteristics

Benefits as a Dust Suppressant

  • Decreases the dustiness of the ration
  • Makes feed cleaner and easier to handle
  • Reduces loss of the ration to the wind
  • Improves palatability

Tanks for storing Soybean Oil

Enduratank Industrial Storage TanksTanks with Bauer FittingsOur Industrial Storage Tanks are manufactured using the latest rotationally moulded technologies and UV-stabilised polyethylene granules ensure our tanks are strong, durable and free from corrosion. They are suitable for the storage of chemicals and edible oils such as Soybean Oil, also known as Soya Oil.

Our water tanks are all fully DWI approved and meet the specific requirements of Regulation 31 ensuring safe use for drinking water and edible oils.

Our Industrial tanks are available in a wide range of sizes from 150 litres to 30,000 litres and can be fitted with a wide variety of inlets and outlets to suit all applications such as Bauer connections making it quick and safe for filling from tankers etc.

For more information or to talk to one of our sales team, call 01778 562810.

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Disclaimer: This is not a feeding guide. If in doubt consult your feed supplier or Vet.

*Source Homestead Organics

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