Types of Food, Wastewater and Fertiliser Mixers

Types of Mixers for industry, food and chemical processes – mixers stirrers that blend, emulsify, homogenize or mix material into a single substance. Mixers can be used to keep the product from settling our such as in wastewater treatment.

Many industries use mixers during the manufacturing of liquids and foodstuffs, mixing solids into liquids and are fitted with powerful motors and blades that allow mixers to mix the product its design to work with.  Common industries for mixers include cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical, agriculture fertiliser, food and beverage, pulp and paper, automotive and water treatment industries.

Types of Mixers for Chemical, Industrial & Water Applications:

Paddle Mixers

Paddle mixers often the type of agitator used in the mixing, blending, and conditioning of dry materials, sludges, and slurries consisting of large paddles that rotate around a horizontal rotating axis.

High Shear Mixer

The high shear mixer operates at higher speeds than static mixers designed for particle size reduction, dispersion, emulsification, and homogenization to a variety of solid and liquid materials.  This style if mixer works best in industries such as food, paper, and pulp, water treatment and pharmaceuticals.

Low Shear Mixer

Low shear mixers are designed for use in agglomeration, coagulation, flocculation and suspension. Equally important, the dispersion and blending in the effluent must be complete and consistent to provide the results before discharge.  Mainly used in the water treatment industry.

Drum Mixer

Drum mixers are made from a drum that rotates and designed to blend low-to-medium-viscosity materials like cement or adhesives by rotating.

Static Mixer

Static mixers have no moving parts but use flat, thin, ribbon-shaped blades which give strategically designed blockages to blend the materials together.  They are easy to clean and maintain because of the blade arrangement.

Food Mixer

Food processing mixers beat, whip, knead, mix, blend, or fold edible ingredients and are can give food certain appearances once mixed.  Due to food regulations, these mixers must be able to be sanitized regularly.


A blender is a mixer with sharp blades that work at high speeds to break down the material into small pieces.

Homogenizers & Emulsifiers

Homogenizers blend and break down materials completely and can be used for any type of liquid requiring high grade mixing products such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food. Emulsifiers are high-velocity mixers like homogenizers and use a perforated screen to mix difficult to blend materials.

Portable Mixers

Portable mixers are often done in open-top or batch tanks up to 2,000 litres to allow being moved from one area to another.  Shallow full drain conical tanks are ideal for this as they allow a complete drain and easy cleaning of the tank before the next batch of material is put in.

Agitators & Industrial Mixers

Industrial mixers consist of large mixer tanks to contain the liquid or materials, and blades that agitate the materials.  Industries including food, drinking water treatment, wastewater and sludge treatment use industrial mixers for mixing or suspending solids in the liquids in the tanks before processing or treatment.

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In-Line Mixers

In-line mixers are mixers placed in pipes in line with the material flow where the mixing is carried out directly inside the pipe allowing the processing of large batches of material

Tank Mixer

A wide range of mixers is available to suit your project combining a variety of paddles with high shear and blending in a diverse range of applications. Industrial mixer & agitators are an essential part of industrial process engineering – from the smallest plant room in which chemical dosing tanks are used to a water treatment plant with the 30,000-litre tanks with side or top mounted mixers.

Options for these include High-Speed Industrial Mixers and Geared Slow Speed Industrial Mixers deepening the application.

Types of Mixers

There are many types of mixers available and with mixers being specified to the mixing requirement based on the application, Enduramaxx works with many equipment installers and water treatment companies to match a mixer and tank with the process. From 50 litre tanks to 30,000-litre conical tanks we are sure there is a product there for you – for more details on these please get in touch today.

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