UK Rainwater Harvesting System Installers: Why Use One?

UK Rainwater harvesting system installers, what are the advantages of getting an installer for your rainwater system?  There are many reasons why persons fit rainwater tanks and rain harvesting systems to commercial and agricultural buildings.

What Do I Need to Consider for a Rainwater Harvest System?

How much water can be saved depends on the following criteria:

  • Your roof area – a large roof can supply water for many uses; however, a small roof may not give what you need
  • Average rainfall – large arable and growers in the eastern counties where average rainfall is lower may need alternative ways of topping up the water in the tank.
  • Storage capacities – how much you can store and the space you have for rainwater storage will decide if you can store enough to make the return on investment stack up financially. Tanks can be put above ground or below ground.  However, there are more costs associated with below ground tanks with installation.
  • Usage – it may be that you need a mains water or borehole top up as the rainwater you can collect from your roof may not be enough for your needs
  • Filtration – water stored for a long time may require filtration either through UV or chemical means depending on the intended uses. There are now systems and treatments on the marketing now which allows you to keep water stored in tanks for up to 6 months ensuring availability through the spring and summer when there is less rainfall.

Water is the lifeblood for agriculture and rainwater harvesting is a cost-effective method of collecting and storing water that can be used by livestock for dairy washdown and livestock and sprayers for arable farmers.

Rainwater Harvesting Standards and Legislation

There are rain harvesting standards and legislation that may need to be met depending on the installation. Rainwater harvesting for an agricultural sprayer is different from rainwater harvesting for dairy wash down where Red Tractor Assurance Schemes require the water to be “fresh and clean”. More details on the Red Tractor Assurance for Farms – Dairy Scheme Standards are available here

British Standard for Rainwater Harvesting BS8515:2009

BS:8515 is the British Code of Practice for Rainwater Harvesting Systems. Rain Harvesting Systems must comply with its requirements in terms of sizing, manufacture and installation – more details on this British Standard can be purchased from Bsi here.

WRAS Guidelines for Rainwater Harvesting

WRAS Guidelines The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) sets out guidelines for rainwater harvesting under the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999. WRAS is concerned with preventing cross-contamination of the mains water supply where a rainwater harvesting system or water from another source is connected.

Enduramaxx header tanks/break tanks and mains water backup tanks are designed to be compliant with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 are available here online.

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method)

For new build and commercial buildings regulations like BREAMM scheme which grades buildings and installations in terms of environmental impact – The lower the environmental impact, the higher the rating. These can be a little complex depending on what type of building/installation this is so often a rainwater harvesting installers advice helps.

Is Treatment of Rainwater Needed?

Treatment of rainwater is sometimes needed depending on what the water intended to be used for. This can take the form of UV filtration units which are sized to the water flow used. Microorganisms in the water are neutralised directly as they pass UV lamps submerged in the water.  Chemical treatment /dosing and disinfection are sometimes requiring through dosing tank and pump systems.

Finance & Grant Opportunities for Agricultural Rainwater Harvesting

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