Wastewater Sludge Removal & Chemicals Used

Wastewater Sludge Removal & the Chemicals Used – wastewater treatment involves several key components; physical treatment (i.e. screening and filtering processes), biological treatment and chemical treatment.  The chemicals required for water treatment are more aggressive and in larger quantities than drinking water and safe storage for wastewater treatment chemicals is critical.

There are five basic steps for the wastewater treatment process, which involves a set of common chemicals being used. These steps are:

  • removal of solid particles
  • neutralization
  • odour control
  • disinfection
  • sludge treatment and removal

Sludge Removal

Wastewater treatment produces sludge in both on-site and off-site systems then the treatment takes solids out of the wastewater resulting in sludge remaining.  Sludge varies significantly from fresh materials, which contain large quantities of pathogens, to matter that has decomposed over the course of the year. Before sludge is disposed it must be treated to bring down the volume and stabilize it reducing the smell and can be handled without risk of safety hazards.

Wastewater Sludge Tank Options

Various options for treating sludge including stabilization, thickening and dewatering. The costs of treating and removing sludge from wastewater are roughly the same.  Polymer chemicals are used for the volume reduction process known as dewatering.  Conical tanks are often used for this part of the process to store the water with the sediments as the full drain capability to drain sludge.

A vertical cone tank design is also good for optimal sludge control polymers and as the tank drains at the bottom. If you are using chemicals for sludge removal in wastewater treatment, we have solutions to address your chemical storage needs.  Whether it be a bunded tank or single wall 30m3 chemical tank – we can customise to your needs.

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