Chemical Tanks for Abattoir & Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment Plants

Chemical tanks for abattoir & slaughterhouse wastewater treatment plants are used to store wastewater, coagulants and chemicals for water treatment. For chemical storage, tanks are used as flocculation mixer tanks and for a process called polymer to make up. Wastewater treatment in meat processing is a major factor in making the wastewater produced fit for release to the sewer. 

Meat processing industry wastewater contains diluted blood, fats, proteins and pathogens and high COD levels. These high levels require correction through chemical, biological treatment or aerobic treatment before release. 

Coagulation / Flocculation Chemicals Used

In the coagulation treatment process, the colloidal particles are grouped into larger particles called flocs.  These particles in the wastewater are negatively charged, which make them stable and resistant to aggregation. Therefore coagulants with positively charged ions are added.  Various coagulant chemicals are available such as aluminium sulphate, ferric chloride, ferric sulphate, and poly-aluminium chloride. 

Bunded Chemical Tanks

Enduramaxx manufactures bunded tanks or double-wall chemical storage with secondary containment. These tanks have the same storage capacity as a bund to contain the liquid should it become compromised.  Each tank is manufactured with a bund surrounding the chemical storage tank. Advantages of a bunded storage tank help compliance with a reduced footprint of traditional bunds or the civil works required for a pit or a sump. 

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Chemical Dosing & Bund Tanks

Chemical Dosing tanks are available from 50 Litres up to 1500 Litres.  Each dosing tank has a screw fitting lid and a flat top to mount equipment such as dosing pumps, mixers & instrumentation  ?Dosing tanks can be supplied with a bund that provides a minimum of 110% containment should the tank become compromised.  Bunded chemical storage tank is an HSE requirement for many chemical storage tank applications. 

In the wastewater treatment process, coagulation-flocculation and sedimentation take place in flocculation and Polymer makeup tanks. 

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Flocculation Tank

These Flocculation Tank are available as 2 and 3 Stage Flocculation Tank with single or double wires and mixer bridges.  These flash mixer and flocculation or coagulation tank are available in sizes from 1m3 to 4m3 size.  Conventional coagulation, flocculation or sedimentation practices are essential pre-treatments for a range of water purification systems.  Flocculent chemicals are used in water treatment processes to remove unwanted solids and contamination to produce cleaner, safer water.

Applications requiring a coagulation tank include sewage treatment, cheese production, and brewing. It is also used in surface and physical chemistry, biology, and civil engineering. 

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Polymer Make-Up & Dosing

Polymer Make-Up & Dosing system mixer tanks for powder polymers provide an economical and effective solution for makeup. In effluent treatment, polymers are used to help bind together (flocs) suspended solids, producing groups of solids material. Grouping the solids like this allow for the removal and easier treatment of the wastewater. Enduramaxx manufacture tanks for separating applications including conical settlement tanks which allow the particles to settle to the bottom of the tank allowing decanting of cleaner water.  3 stage mixing tanks are used for continuous flow treatment and dosing tanks and bunds for storage of dosing chemicals.  

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Flocculation Treatment Mixer Vessel

Enduramaxx Flocculation Treatment Mixer Vessel mixing systems are designed for a number of applications, including: 

  • Wastewater flocculation before Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) 
  • Sludge flocculation before dewatering 
  • Polymer solution preparation 
  • Wastewater pH control 

These Flocculation Treatment Mixers are designed to match specific application requirements and feature heavy-duty mixers. These systems are typically provided in circular configurations as part of primary water treatment systems.  Rectangular configurations are also available and can be provided with covers for controlled venting of off-gases. 

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The Enduramaxx Water Treatment Advantage

Enduramaxx works with wastewater consultants and installers of waste and water storage, effluent & wastewater treatment processes plant. Our range from 50-litre dosing tanks to 30,000-litre sludge tanks are customisable with fittings and flanges to take process pipework.  Clean water tanks are available for the storage of processed water and highly concentrated sludge. 

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