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Do you need a polyethylene chemical tank fast? Enduramaxx are not strangers to fulling tank orders fast with a quick turnaround. We’ve had many companies who have needed a chemical or water process tank quickly to replace existing tanks that have failed – even with fittings, flanges and pipework. 

With a large stock of standard moulded industrial chemical tanks, we can work with you to deliver tanks the next day or even the same day if required! 

How Quickly Can Enduramaxx Deliver a Chemical Tank? 

The specification will determine how quickly we can supply a chemical tank – for example: 

  • What’s being stored in the tank? 
  • Does the client know what requirements in the way of flanges and pipework are required? 
  • Are special features such as insulation required? 

Normally, we can deliver polyethene and polypropylene chemical tank orders within 3-4 weeks, which is among the fastest fulfilment times in the industry. Steel tanks can take months, and fibreglass tanks depend on stock held by the manufacture and the specification of the tank.  

If you need a chemical tank in a hurry, whether it’s due to a failed tank or someone omitting to order a tank, we can often expedite a tank on a case-by-case basis.   Our operations department will look at each order before we agree on a delivery date so you know exactly when to expect your tank and prepare for delivery. 

With our large stock of tanks, in a lot of cases, we will have a tank that can meet your requirements straightaway.  

How to Order a Tank for Quick Delivery

It’s easy to place an order with a quick turnaround at Enduramaxx.  With our chemical and water tanks on you can request a quote here or call us on 01778 562810 to spec a tank.  Once your order is placed we have a dedicated team to make sure your order runs as smoothly and you get the tank you need – when you need it.   

With chemical tanks, it is essential that you have an MSDS datasheet of the chemical you are looking to store and you can provide a list of fittings or flanges required to meet existing pipework. 

Need a Polyethylene Chemical Tank Fast?  Contact us on 01778 562810 today.

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