Enduramaxx Water Tank Range, Our Core Products

Enduramaxx now lists all its core water tank range, on our website including the standard moulded tanks, as well as our bespoke sheet, fabricated tanks.  Enduramaxx’s water tank offering includes our latest technical sizes available, spec sheets and details on our most popular products and the rainwater, waste, and potable drinking water most innovative products.

We mould plastic drinking water and rainwater tanks at our factory in Baston, Lincolnshire and our team works closely with our clients to offer the best possible advice and solutions to ensure every project is a success.

Enduramaxx core Water Tank Range features the following:

  • Rainwater Tanks, Garden Water Tanks & Filter Systems

  • WRAS Approved Drinking Water Tanks

  • Baffled & Slimline Water Tanks

  • Cold Water Header Tanks & Fluid Category 5 Tanks

  • Fire Sprinkler Tanks

  • Insulated Water Tanks

  • Horizontal Water Tanks

  • Underground Water Tanks

  • Open Top Water Tanks

  • Aquaculture Fish Tanks

Here we run over more on applications for these ranges

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks & Filter Systems

Enduramaxx Rainwater Harvesting Tanks are designed for both domestic and commercial applications. Capacities available, our range of rainwater harvesting tanks, known as vertical storage tanks or water storage tanks, provide the water storage element for Rainwater Harvesting Systems. Available in 40 sizes, ranging from 150 litres to 90,000 litres, our plastic water tanks allow rainwater to be stored and used at your convenience.

View our rainwater tanks here

WRAS Potable Drinking Water Tanks

All our potable drinking water tanks are WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved and are available in black, boat blue or natural only. Our water tanks are all fully DWI approved and meet the specific requirements of Regulation 31. The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) under the umbrella of the UK Government’s DEFRA (Department for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs) states that; “Protection of public health of consumers through safeguarding the quality of drinking water is a key aspect of the drinking water quality regulatory framework” Regulation 31 ensures that water suppliers, when producing and distributing drinking water, only use products and substances that do not cause any detrimental effects on the safety or quality of the drinking water.

View our drinking water tanks from 150 litres to 30,000 litres here

Baffled Water Tanks

Baffled tanks are ideal for water transportation as the baffling is provided by the baffled which go through the tanks. The baffles stop the water sloshing from side to side during transport of the tank. Baffled tanks are ideal for car valets and window cleaners and many other applications. Slimline baffled tanks can be used as rainwater harvesting tanks for above ground installations to store water for pressure washing, irrigating the garden and car washing as well as greywater systems for flushing toilets.

View our slimline baffled water tank range here

Cold Water Header Tanks & Fluid Category 5 Tanks

Fluid Category 5 AB Air Gap Break Tank – The installation and use of cold water storage cisterns and sectional tanks connected to the public water supply must comply with Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 in England and Wales and the technically identical Scottish Water Byelaws. To meet these requirements, Fluid Category 5 Break Tanks must be used in this instance.

View our Fluid Category 5 Tank range here

Fire Sprinkler Water Tanks

Fire Sprinkler Water Tanks, otherwise known as firefighting water storage tanks, are designed to safely store water to feed fire sprinkler systems or for on-site firefighting water storage. Our fire water tanks are available with or without Fluid Category 5 backflow prevention.  Specific requirements of BS EN 12845 and BS 9251 for firefighting water storage should be closely followed too to ensure automatic fire sprinkler systems and fire protection systems are fit for purpose and meet the relevant requirements of industry standards and hazard classification

View our Fire Sprinkler Water tank range here

Insulated Water Tanks

Enduramaxx’s Insulated Water Tanks are designed for use where temperature regulation is key and for the prevention of overheating or freezing of liquids and available in over 27 different capacities from 150 litres up to 40,000 litres. These single skin self-supporting plastic tanks are tough, durable, impact-resistant, and suitable for the storage of a wide range of liquid chemicals.  Constructed from rotationally moulded mid-density UV stabilised food-grade polyethene which is wrapped in an insulative foam engineered to prevent condensation and effectively reduce thermal and energy loss.

Horizontal Water Tanks

These tanks are often used as water bowsers for events, water tanker hire and dust suppression units. DWI approved and meet the specific requirements of Regulation 31. Horizontal Tanks & Bowsers are manufactured from UV stabilised polyethene granules ensures strength, durability, zero corrosion and strength without excess weight means greater payload. Our horizontal tanks are 100% rustproof, making them perfect for water or liquid fertiliser transportation. Regardless of wall thickness polyethene tanks are lightweight compared to those of steel or fibreglass construction. This means you can choose a larger tank without a weight penalty.

View our Horizontal Water Tanks range online here

Underground Water Tanks

Enduramaxx’s underground water tanks designed for irrigation and potable water. Manufactured with high-density polyethene in a robust one-piece stress-free moulding with smooth hygienic internal and external surfaces from 800 litres to 9500 litres capacity with either a plastic or galvanised lid.

View our Underground Water Tanks range online here

Open Top Water Tanks

These water tanks use include agricultural & horticultural fertiliser mixing. Industrial applications include dipping tanks, chemical plating tanks, mixing tanks & secondary containment for vertical tanks (retrofit bunded tanks). Aquaculture applications include fish holding tanks and fish quarantine tanks, Koi tanks & fishponds.

View our Open-Top Tank range here

The Enduramaxx Water Tank Advantage

For more details on the Enduramaxx water tank range please get in touch. We have persons able to help you source the correct water tank for your application and generally able to supply from our large stock holding of tanks through our network of dealers throughout the UK and Europe.

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