What Are The Benefits Of A Jet Wash Bowser On-Site?

What Are the Benefits of a Jet Wash Bowser on-site?  There are many benefits of a jet wash bowser on-site from increased levels of efficiency on-site, cleaner machinery reducing break downs and the risk of with Mud On The Road – Highways Act 1980 regulations and quick access to water. Pressure washer bowsers are a quick way to cleaning off mud and dirt from equipment and machinery from a choice of cold and hot wash pressure washer bowsers.   

On-Site Cleanliness and Safety

A clean site is a safer site, as clean machinery reduces the risks of operators slipping on mud on steps, obscured vehicle lights and windscreens could lead to not being able to see or be seen and there are fines for vehicles leaving sites leaving mud on the road.   Dirty windscreens can present visibility issues when operating heavy machinery.  

What Type of Jet Bowser Do I Need?

Bowsers are generally available in three categories, site tow, road tow and skid mount from 300 litres.  Options of pressure washer include hot and cold wash pressure washers.  

Site Tow Bowsers 

Site Towable Water Bowsers designed for site applications for water transport, dust suppression and pressure washing with a range of water pumps, pressure washer and dust suppression dribble bars to suit your requirements. Mounted on a galvanised frame with flotation tyres, these bowsers are available from 300 to 5,000 litres in capacity and can provide clean water supply for bowser pressure washers when you need it. 

Skid Mount Bowsers 

Skid mount bowsers are water tanks mounted on a galvanised skid frame with a front plate to mount pumps and pressure washers? These units are designed for sitting on the back of pickups, flat trailers or trucks and moved forklift.  

Road / High Tow Bowsers 

Road Tow Water Bowsers are built to meet the highway regulations and are equipped with lights and indicators with an electrical connection like what you would find on other highway going trailers.  Our range of road-towable range water bowsers and bowser towable pressure washer units can be pre-filled prior to travel and towed to the site.  

Diesel Pressure Washers for Construction 

Our diesel pressure Washers for construction sites are built for applications including agricultural, industrial, and commercial environments and have lower emissions than petrol-powered pressure washers for construction sites.  

Enduramaxx Jet Wash & Pressure Washer Bowsers

We keep large stocks of tanks, chassis and pumps for jet washers and pressure washer bowsers – for more details, pricing and delivery availability. Please view our range of bowsers, emergency water bowsers for drinking water bowsers, potable water bowsers and water storage tanks for welfare units, dust suppression bowsers and site bowsers fitted with pressure washer units here, email us at sales@enduramaxx.co.uk or call 01778 562810 today. 

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