What are Swimming Pool Balance Tanks and Balance Tank Control Levels

What’s a Balance Tank?

A balance tank is sometimes called a constant level tank, it provides a constant supply of water within the system.  These tanks are generally equipped with a float valve that controls the liquid level within the tank to keep a nearly constant uniform head pressure on the water leaving the tank.

Mains Water Fed Balance Tanks

In some installations, these tanks are topped up by the mains in systems which may lose water through evaporation during the process.  These tanks will often come under the requirements of the mains water supply requirements which include requirements for an air gap between the mains supply into the tank and water level in the tank.

According to WRAS – an air gap is “a “An air gap” means a visible, unobstructed and complete physical air break between the lowest level of water discharge and the level of potentially contaminated fluid downstream (critical water level) within a cistern, vessel, fitting or appliance, hereinafter called a receptacle, that:

  1. is not less than 20 mm or twice the internal diameter of the inlet pipe whichever is the greater; and
  2. from which water discharges at not more than 15° from the vertical centreline of the water stream.”

More details on this can be found on the WRAS website here

Swimming Pool Balance Tanks

A swimming pool balance tank is used in pools and its primary use is for the storage of excess water generated from the displacement of swimmer’s bodies who are in the swimming pool.  A pool with a tank maintains a constant depth regardless of how many people are in the pool.

A balance tank control level is used within the swimming pool balance tank. Its job is primarily to control the valves pumping water in or out depending on the water level. 

Enduramaxx Water Tanks

Enduramaxx manufactures a range of tanks either as vertical tanks, horizontal tanks, underground tanks, and Fluid Category 5 break tanks.  More details on these tanks are available online here.

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