Balance Tanks for Tank Mixing & Aeration

Balance tanks are used for tank mixing & aeration and are a key factor to prevent solids from settling in the tank. In most balance tanks for wastewater treatment, mixers are used for this either as top-mounted or side-mounted depending on the application and the type of wastewater being processed.

A balance tank is available in either flat bottom or conical base tanks, also known as sludge tanks or sludge dewatering tanks. Here we run over a few advantages of each type of tank.

Conical Balance / Sludge Tanks

  • Sloped base = 100% drainage
  • Easy to bottom drain sludge
  • Can be used for settlement applications.

Flat Base Balance / Sludge Tanks

  • Quick to install.
  • Can be moved easily.
  • Less cost (no stand needed)

Prevention of Odours in Balance Tanks

Bad odours are a by-product of sulphides which form as the contents of a tank settle in wastewater treatment plants. Hydrogen sulphide gas has the distinct unpleasant odour of rotten eggs, is corrosive and poisonous. Anaerobic digestion is the breakdown of organic matter occurring without oxygen where bacteria, such as E. coli, thrive.

Aeration through mixing generally the best way to prevent anaerobic conditions and odours from developing in balance tanks.  Mixers and Venturi agitators which will mix and aerate at the same time are available where the liquid is drawn from the tank and pumped through the mixing chamber where air and the liquid are mixed.  This process can deliver dissolved oxygen economically to any depth of tank needing complete aeration.

Enduramaxx Conical Sludge Tanks

Enduramaxx manufacture conical balance tanks for effluent & sludge storage and tank aeration which are selected to suit your specific sludge treatment application or waste treatment system.  Sludge in a wastewater treatment system is a thick, soft mud and typically the by-product of wastewater treatment of industrial wastewater solids and settled suspension. Sludge contaminated by chemical pollutants or metals demands a more complex treatment than those in small sewage treatment plants. Some examples of this in food and agricultural waste anaerobic digestion process include the concentration of apple mulch after cider fermentation in the drinks industry.

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