Best Full-Drain Tank on the Market

What’s the Best Full-Drain Tank on the Market? If you aren’t completely draining your chemical storage tanks, then you are not properly storing chemicals. Other advantages of conical tanks mean regular tank maintenance and easier cleaning schedules must include a full drain of your chemical tanks to reduce the risk of contaminating new batches are advantages of cone tanks. Draining the tank is sometimes easier said than done.

Conical Tanks makes it easier to clean and maintain your chemical storage system in the following ways:

  • Full-drain tanks help eliminate cross-contamination of the new batch of chemicals.
  • Easier safer tank cleaning as a full-drain system
  • Reducing the settling of the chemicals – when certain chemicals are stored over time, sediments fall out of the chemical and collect at the bottom of the tank.
  • With full-drain systems, you do not need to drill holes in the tank to add side-manways or fittings as these create an opportunity for structural damage and potential for deterioration of gaskets and fittings.

A Better Full-Drain Solution

Enduramaxx offers a better full-drain solution that eliminates many of the problems that flat base tanks have.  The cone tank is a rotationally moulded high-density polyethene tank – a one single piece tank with no seams – with the base of the tank is sloped towards the centre giving you the greatest possible full-drain system in vertical tank design.

Sloped-bottom Cone Tanks for Chemicals and Sludge

The sloped-bottom cone tank excels when it comes to draining heavier materials such as sludge-like materials. Gravity makes it easy for heavier substances to drain completely, leaving no residue or sludge to build up. Other advantages of cone tanks include simpler cleaning because there is no need for entry as the cone tank can be cleaned from the top manway, or with a spray ball installed in the roof of the tank.

More details on Cone Bottom Tanks For Sludge and Effluent Storage here.

If your next project needs a full-drain tank – make sure you get a full-drain cone tank.  If you want to know more on What’s the Best Full-Drain Tank on the Market please view these here.

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