Why Are Plastic Water Tanks Used To Store Chemicals?

Plastic water tanks are used for the storage of chemicals as they have excellent chemical resistance to a wide array of wet and dry industrial chemicals.  Industrial water treatment and chemical tanks are used for a variety of purposes. Tanks are used to store bulk liquids for processing in industrial and water treatment, however, they are also used as waste effluent tanks to store spent chemicals from processes.

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Being strong and non-reactive with the chemicals they contain, plastic rotationally moulded tanks are available from polyethene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) according to which chemicals are to stored.  Being UV stabilised they will withstand many years of outside use.

What chemicals are commonly stored?

The PP or PE material the chemical tanks are made from allows many chemicals to be stored safely since they are non-reactive and corrosive resistant. Industrial water tanks may contain many hazardous chemicals.

Here is a list of then more commonly stored chemicals:

  • Acids – sulphuric, hydrochloric and nitric
  • Ammonia solutions
  • Sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide
  • Ferric sulphate and ferric chloride
  • Polymers and PAC
  • Aluminium sulphate

Why are bunded chemical tanks used?

Where the chemicals to be stored could be very dangerous, bunded tanks give an extra layer of security. These are double-walled tanks, so that even if the inner tank is compromised the outer tanks keep the liquid safely isolated. This also allows compliance with any legal regulations that might apply.  They are suitable for use in the treatment of wastewater and can store chemicals, acids, dirty water and clean water.

What sizes of industrial water tanks and chemical tanks are available?

Our tanks range in size from 50 to 30,000 litres capacity and they can store water with specific gravities of 15 -2 SG.

Often conical cone bottom tanks are used in process applications where 100% drainage of the tank is required.  Some chemicals and mixtures separate or sludge which is difficult to drain out of vertical tanks.  Cone-bottom tanks are also ideal for dry materials, such as powder, grain or cattle feed as they can be 100% drained out of the tank with a flange or slide valve at the bottom of the tank.

Customisation of industrial tanks

We can customise your tank in the following ways whether for chemical or industrial water tanks.

  • BSP inlets and outlets
  • PN16 and ANSI flanges
  • Welded sockets for level sensors
  • Vents for filling and emptying
  • Fume-proof lids for fuming chemicals
  • Liquid level assemblies & cat and mouse gauges
  • Fill pipes for tanker filling
  • Mixers and mixer bridges for agitating the liquids
  • Bolt-down feet are available to bolt the tank in place.

Plastic tanks for chemical dosing

Our extensive range of tanks includes tanks suitable for chemical dosing from 50 litres to 1,500 litres.  Each chemical dosing tank has a screw fitting lid and a flat section on top of the tank. This can be used for mounting equipment including chemical dosing pumps, mixers, & instrumentation.  These are often used with open bunds for ease of installation inside plant rooms.

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Enduramaxx can provide chemical tanks and industrial water tanks to suit your specific needs. Our experts are at hand if you would like to discuss the tanks further on 01778 562810.

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