Why Are Rainwater Attenuation & Flood Relief Tanks Used on Construction Sites?

Rainwater attenuation tanks & flood relief tanks for construction sites are used to reduce the risk of localised flooding.  Many sites have shelters for equipment and often covered areas are built over underground construction to protect workers from the rain.

What Is Rainwater & Stormwater Attenuation?

Rainwater or stormwater attenuation systems work by storing rainwater from heavy downpours and stored and then releasing them slowly into their drainage pathways.  Rainwater attenuation is one of the key features of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) in helping prevent flooding.

As new houses are built on new sites, soil naturally soaks up the rainfall that lands on it. When a new building site or area is created there is nowhere for that rainfall to go except to the sewer or storm drain.  With more houses and commercial buildings than ever before, the drainage network, which was designed many years ago in some cases, becomes overloaded and floods as it and cannot cope with the additional water.

How Do Stormwater Attenuation Tanks Work Above Ground?

This can take the style of water tanks, stormwater crates and underground tanks, above-ground plastic rainwater tanks can be the easiest to install and interlinked to volumes of over 100,000 litres.  These water storage tanks can be fitted with flanged connections up to 150mm to give a quick flow through the flow control chamber of harvested rainwater.

What Are Stormwater Attenuation Crates?

Soakaway Crates to capture water and store it to be stored elsewhere.   Where the water tanks simply catch water, the crate system can be used to cover a large area that is interlinked such as A carpark. The caught water can then be pumped or flow into one huge tank for distribution.

Calculators are online for attenuation calculations here

Enduramaxx Above Ground Tanks For Attenuation

Enduramaxx rainwater harvesting tanks, rainwater harvesting systems and filter are available for above and below ground installations.  A wide range of above ground rainwater harvesting storage tanks are available up to 30,000 litres and are UV stabilized for many years of outside use. These rainwater collection tanks are rotationally moulded.

Other uses for these last plastic water tanks include being used to store water from grain store and barns, greywater systems for flushing toilets for commercial factories & office blocks.

For more details and pricing on vertical rainwater tanks, above ground attenuation tanks – please get in touch today on 01778 562810.

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