If you’re a farmer around the Oxfordshire area, you’ll remember that 2014 brought terrible floods that cut off farms and major highways for days at a time. With more than 1800 homes and a number of farms currently classed as ‘at risk’ by the Environment Agency, a new flood prevention scheme has just been proposed.

The Environment Agency plans to protect the area through a new flood relief channel and also plans to protect the remaining area with pumps and floodwalls. If approved by Defra and HM Treasury, the four-mile channel would carry water to the West of Oxford during severe floods and could be in operation by the spring of 2018.

Although not as wet as the previous year, farmers should incorporate rainwater harvesting techniques throughout 2015 in order to exploit this free resource, especially following detailed discussions throughout 2014 relating to river abstraction limitations and impending mains water price increases. Enduramaxx horizontal and vertical rainwater tanks collect roof run-off, storing huge volumes of free water safely and securely.

To learn more about Enduramaxx Rainwater Tanks and our wider range of tanks including molasses tanks, liquid fertiliser tanks and even WRAS approved potable water tanks, please get in touch!

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