Why Invest In Chemical Holding Tanks?

For many years companies that manufacture chemical, carry out water treatment, chemical and food manufacturers have been ordering, moving, storing, and handling product in drums and totes rather than using bulk chemical and liquid holding tanks.

As a product or work increases or with more significant production demands then move onto 1,000-litre IBCs which creates a scale of efficiency over drums and totes. From there depending on production and usage, companies might start to increase the space and facilities from a handful to dozens of these drums and IBC’s in their factory.

With space generally at a premium Enduramaxx help solve this challenge in companies by offering bulk chemical storage tanks and foodstuff holding tanks as a safe storage replacement for cumbersome drums and totes. These vertical or horizontal tanks are designed to hold a wide variety of chemicals (compatible with over 1500 chemical) from acids and chemicals, to foodstuff and deionised water storage.  Chemical tanks are available in over 40 sizes from 50 litres to 30,000 litres fitted with pipework to be refilled by bulk tanker deliveries.

There are numerous productivity and efficiency benefits of bulk holding tanks, not only financial benefits but also other ways these can make an impact on your company.

Why Bulk Holding Tanks Are Worth the Investment


1. They Make Ordering More Cost-Effective

When companies purchase chemical or foodstuff ingredient in IBC’s, barrels, drums, and totes — each of these has a cost to the supplier which is passed on generally as per litre of the product supplied. Suppliers pass on these costs with some offering a buy-back scheme when they have been used, however, you still pay somewhere for these costs. As well as being more expensive to ship, these are more expensive to manage the filling and distribute as each must be cleaned, filled, sealed and handled for each order.

Once a drum or an IBC arrives at your site, it then must be offloaded, the moving supervised and taken to its storage area. With a bulk holding tank not only does the supplier save time and costs which they can pass onto, but you save time as well from a single bulk tanker delivery.

2. Customised Tanks to Suit Pumps & Pipework

Every chemical or food manufacturing environment is different, products, methods for pumping and mixing products are some of the things to consider. Enduramaxx works with your plant & engineering team to provide a tank that is not only suitable but has fittings, flanges, pipework, level sensors and mixer hatches to make this transition to bulk storage as simple as possible for you. Examples of customisation features include provision for heating and cooling, agitation, insulation for prevention of heat gain or heat loss, level gauges, ladders for roof access and side access in the tanks for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

3. Enhanced Workflows for Production

With IBC and drums, additional management and moving of these when full and empty can cause issues not only for space but the safe handling and moving of these to suit production cycles. Additional space within factories needs to be created for storage of these which could be better used and with manual handling of drums and dangerous chemicals, care needs to be taken. Chemical holding tanks can be sited outside the building in bund or bunded tanks to provide secondary containment of the liquid stored and pumped through the factory to where the requirement for the contents is required.

The Enduramaxx Chemical Holding Tanks Advantage

With a bulk storage chemical holding tank, you can buy material in bulk and make savings through your production plant. Enduramaxx has many years of experience in supplying a range of chemical tanks, bunded chemical storage tanks and a full range of drinking water tanks.

For more details on our range of chemical storage tanks which are manufactured in the UK or for more details on why invest in chemical holding tanks – please get in touch today on 01778 562810 to discuss your needs.

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