Why Rainwater Filters Are Important? Improved Rainwater Tank Quality

Why rainwater filters are important?  A rainwater filter for a rainwater harvesting tank is a filter which is generally wall mounted with an inlet, outlet, and overflow to drain.  Using a rainwater fitter dramatically increases the quality in your rainwater tank as leaves, moss and debris are filtered out of the water before it enters the tank.

This is important as debris and contaminants over time can turn into the sediment in the bottom of the tank which causes excess algae and poor water quality posing a health risk for humans and livestock. The sediment which runs off the roof before the filter can contain bacteria from a few sources including dead insects, bird, and animal drops which without a filter can find its way into the water tank.   Using a rainwater filter with a calmed inlet helps oxygenate the water in the tanks and avoids stirring up small sediments which may be in the bottom of the tank.  This can help should the water be used for livestock so saves extra work for the pump.  For agricultural sprayers, it helps stock sediments getting into the sprayer and blocking spray lines.

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Depending on your rainwater tank installation these filters are available for above or below ground tanks.  Rainwater filters are also designed in several sizes and designed for use in relation to the roof area it’s collecting from.  The self-cleaning 450m2 roof area filter has 4” inlet’s, outlets and overflow to drain whereas the 800m3 roof area filter has 4” and 6” inlet, outlet and overflow.  View the met offices rainfall calculator here

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Rainwater tanks are the water storage element of a rainwater harvesting system and available tanks are available as above ground cylindrical, rectangular, and slimline tanks.   Alternatively, below ground tanks are heavily ribbed to support the tanks from ground pressure.  Please view our rainwater tank range here

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