Water Storage And Its Uses In Construction

Water storage is a key component of any construction site. A water tank may be used for drinking, dust suppression, or fire protection. Fluid Category 5 regulations are in place to ensure that no contaminated or unsafe water gets into the mains water supply, and these regulations should be followed strictly on all construction sites. Let's take a look at how water is stored in construction and what it is most commonly used for in the construction industry.

Dust suppression

Water bowsers are often used on construction sites to help control dust from a variety of projects. To operate properly, they need a continuous supply of water, and some even require that the water be constantly recycled. This is done by having a cistern on-site to store potable water that's then piped through sprinklers at intervals or continuously in order to wet down areas where heavy machinery may have churned up dirt into clouds of dust.

Drinking water

Construction sites require potable water just like any other workplace, but the nature of construction sites often means no mains drinking water is available. The water storage industry has been revolutionised in recent years, with the increased use of WRAS (Water Regulations Approval Scheme) approved polymer drinking water tanks and wastewater tanks on construction sites. WRAS approved polymer drinking water tanks offer a safe and hygienic solution for construction sites needing a place to store water for drinking and use in canteens, while wastewater tanks serve a similar purpose for effluent storage.

Fire sprinkler tanks

45,000-litre water tanks are usually used to store water for fire sprinklers, which assures that sufficient water is available in the event of a fire on site. Fire sprinkler tanks require ready access to water and are available in a range of materials including both steel and polythene.

What is fluid category 5?

Fluid category 5, or fluid cat5, refers to a set of regulations included in the Water Supply (Water Fitting) Regulations 1999 which protect the mains drinking water supply from contamination. Water storage tanks in construction can be fitted with fluid category 5 backflow prevention technology to ensure that contaminated water doesn't ever flow back into the drinking water supply.

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