5 Key Uses For Enduramaxx's Polyethylene Storage Tanks

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At Enduramaxx, we're proud to offer a broad selection of polyethylene storage tanks and bowsers for a range of applications. Whatever you need a large liquid storage unit for, our tanks will be more than suitable. They offer a host of benefits over traditional stainless-steel tanks and can be used for anything from brewing cider to water bowser dust suppression.

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What Are Polyethylene Tanks?

Polyethylene is a very lightweight yet extremely durable thermoplastic. This makes our polyethylene tanks particularly well suited to a variety of applications. They can be manufactured in any size and configuration you require, depending on your usage requirements.

What Kind Of Tanks Do Enduramaxx Produce?

At Enduramaxx, we produce a range of tanks for several different applications. This ranges from cider fermentation to towable dust suppression bowser tanks, food-grade hoppers and IBCS. We even manufacture wastewater and conical biofuel tanks. This is just a snapshot of the wide variety of tanks we produce however, so you're guaranteed to find something suitable for your needs. We also offer bespoke tank options.

5 Of The Top Uses Of Our Polyethylene Tanks

  • Our polyethylene tanks come in a range of sizes and capacities, making them suitable for a broad range of applications. This includes:
  • A solution for providing regular and readily accessible drinking water for livestock
  • Keeping construction sites and farms compliant with HSE regulations regarding dust suppression
  • Helping farms and other industries save on spiralling water costs by allowing rainwater harvesting
  • Making watering large areas of flowers and plants more efficient, and even useful on certain crops
  • A faster and more affordable way for breweries to ferment cider, beer, and wine without excessive cost

These are just some of the many ways that our polyethylene storage tanks are capable of helping a wide variety of industries with their liquid management infrastructure. Compared to many more traditional options, such as stainless steel, our tanks can be ordered and delivered in a matter of weeks rather than months. They're also far more affordable without sacrificing durability, and their light weight makes them easier to place wherever you need them. They offer a truly portable solution to delivering liquids where necessary on your business, construction site, or farm.

For more information on our broad range of polyethylene storage tanks, or even to enquire about commissioning a bespoke tank suited to your needs, contact Enduramaxx today.

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