Thermoplastic Storage Tanks

Thermoplastic Storage Tanks – thermoplastics are the result of some of the most recent breakthroughs in plastic technology.  These plastic thermoplastic tanks are durable, resistant to chemicals and cost-effective.  With the fabrication processes designed for thermoplastics, these tanks are increasingly replacing conventional materials in many industries. In the water industry they are often used to replace steel tanks that were prone to rust.

In the chemical industry thermoplastics are used for containment and ducting as thermoplastics are not only chemically resistant but can also operate at high temperatures. There is a growing demand for thermoplastics in the food and drinks industry due to the absence of odour, tainting or toxicity to the contents in the tank. Most thermoplastics are easily cleaned with water and C.I.P. systems.

Enduramaxx provides high quality, versatile and cost-effective plastic storage tanks. With our house capability of producing corrosion-resistant all thermoplastic moulded tanks as vertical cylindrical plastic storage tanks to meet customer requirements. All storage tanks are manufactured in High-Density Polyethylene or Polypropylene and customisable to your projects requirements

Plastic storage tanks for corrosive environments

The plastic storage tanks manufactured by Enduramaxx are inherently inert to extremely corrosive environments. From highly acidic to highly alkaline, Polyethylene and Polypropylene are resistant at both ends of the spectrum with volumes from 50 to 30000 litres.

Thermoplastic Storage Tanks styles include;

Enduramaxx has invested in the major kinds of thermoplastic fabrication technology including: Fusion Welding, Extrusion Welding enables rapid high-quality fabrication of products, Hand Welding for fabrications where more complex or confined joining is required during fabrication, Socket Fusion specifically suited for joining pipe and fittings and Spark Testing to ensure all welds carried out are without flaw they are spark tested to a minimum of 20,000KVA.

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