Which Type of Storage Tank is Best? Water, Chemical, Bowsers

Choosing the right storage tank for your needs is important.   Firstly, it starts with what is being stored in the tank as the requirements for a rainwater tank or water butt for a domestic house installation is different to an industrial water process tank, settling tank or chemical storage tank.

Which type of storage tank is best for what is being stored in the tank, offers you the best quality, price, and purpose?  Storage tanks mainly fall in the following categories

  • Above Ground Water Tanks – Rainwater & Drinking Water
  • Below Ground Water Tanks – Rainwater & Drinking Water
  • Industrial Water Tanks – Process & Settling Tanks
  • Conical Tanks
  • Acid & Chemical Tanks – Tanks with Secondary Containment

Best Tanks for Rainwater Storage

Water is life; it is an important element for the survival of animals and plants, above-ground plastic rainwater storage tanks are available from small 50-litre water butts to 40,000 litres as moulded water tanks.  These tanks are simpler and less expensive to install than underground water tanks as they can be sited on a concrete pad.

View our aboveground and below ground rainwater tanks here.

Best Tanks for Drinking Water

Plastic drinking water tanks or WRAS Potable Drinking Water Tanks are made from rotationally moulded plastic.  These drinking water tanks come in a choice of over 50 sizes ranging from 150 litres to 90,000 litres ad constructed from food-grade polyethene ensuring durability.  Being UV stabilised, these can be used inside and outside giving many years of use. our full range can be viewed online here

Best Tanks for Storing Rainwater Underground

Plastic underground water tanks can be installed underground.  These heavily ribbed water tanks project the tank from underground water and ground pressure offering space-saving solutions for storing harvested rainwater for irrigation, watering plants, and washing cars as well as potable drinking water.  They can also be used to store water from other sources such as springs and wells and ideal for many domestic, commercial, and industrial applications including farming and agricultural and landscape gardening.

View our underground tanks here

Best Water Tanks for Transporting Water

Horizontal transport tanks are designed for the transportation of liquid such as water and liquid fertiliser.  Designed to mount onto straight to flat surfaces without the need of mounting frames, these tanks are highly impacted resistant and easy to fill.  The horizontal plastic tanks are WRAS approved for the storage of drinking water (black, boat blue or natural coloured tanks only). These can be used as sprayer tanks or water bowsers for agricultural sprayers with a range of sprayer camlock fittings available to suit your sprayer.  The specification details of these transport tanks are available from 200 litres up to 13,000 litres here

Best Tanks For Irrigation Water Storage

Plastic irrigation tanks are available in a wide variety of sizes and make the collection and storage of rainwater cost-effective and convenient.  We manufacture a wide range of sizes from 150 litres to 40,000 litres and upwards. By using our tank connector kits, sizes of 90,000 litres and beyond can be achieved. We make setting up a rainwater harvesting system simple with our complete filter kit and tank packages.  WRAS regulations such as CAT5 can be complied with by using our AB air gap tanks.

Best Storage Tanks for Acids & Chemicals

Chemical Storage Tanks are often required to store hydrochloric acid, Sodium hydroxide, Ferric sulphate and chloride, Aluminium sulphate and Polymers in industry and water treatment.  These tanks often need to have secondary containment as an HSE requirement or a bund.   Our acid and chemical tanks are made from the highest-grade materials using the latest technologies in rotationally moulded UV stabilisation, ensuring excellent resistance against man chemicals.

These chemical tanks can be viewed online here

Best Storage Tanks for Chemical Dosing

Chemical Dosing Tanks available from 50 litres to 1500 litres and feature a flat raised section shelf section which can be used to mount equipment on top of the tank. This is ideal for mounting items such as dosing pumps, industrial mixers, and instrumentation.  Chemical dosing tanks are for storage of coagulation and flocculation, Antiscalents, ph adjustment, boilers chemicals etc.

Chemical tank bunds are larger than the volume of the chemical tank it is holding so they can contain the full contents of the tanks if it becomes comprised.  Each bund for the dosing tank is at least 110% the volume of the dosing tanks.

View these dosing tanks can be viewed online here

Best Tanks For Full Drain Applications

Conical tanks are unique in that their contents discharge completely through a cone point at the centre of their base, instead of an outlet further up on the side of the tank. Their cone base and smooth internal walls ensure complete discharge. This has clear advantages for food production, manufacturing and farming applications.  Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks provide a unique solution with choices of a 5, 15, 30, 45 and 60-degree cone, to prevent even the most viscous liquids not building up inside the tank.

These conical tanks can be used for brewery tanks, compost tea, mixer tanks, storage silos and foodstuffs.

Best Boat Water Tanks

Baffled tanks are ideal for clean and wastewater transportation for boats, marine yachts, and narrowboats. Providing a supply of clean water on boats is essential as well as dirty water collection tanks.   These water tanks have baffling in the tank and the baffles – which go through the tanks – stop the water sloshing from side to side during transport.  Our range of boat water tanks is available here to view.

Best Car Valeting Water Tanks

Baffled water tanks as these are baffled to stop waters sloshing within the tank when the vehicle is moving,  These tanks can be used in vans, or on trailers for car valets to provide a clean supply of water and available from 240 litres to 1,000 litres – more details here

Best Window Cleaning Water Tanks

Baffled slimline tanks are available in many either as flat, horizontal, or upright versions depending on the space available in the van.  These can all be plastic tanks and be fixed to the floor by framework or by mounting through the mounting feet on the horizontal transport tanks. Available from 240 litres to 1,000 litres – more details here

Best Tanks For Aquaculture

plastic aquaculture tanks are available in round, conical and rectangular with open or closed tops depending on the application.    Bespoke tanks to suit your application are available using our moulded tanks or a custom-built fabricated tank.  Traditionally these tanks have been used as Koi tanks, Fish Tanks, Fish Ponds and Fish holding/quarantine Tanks, however, these have many other applications including Spawning & Hatching Tanks, Larvae Rearing Tanks, Parabolic Tanks, Raceway Tanks, Broodstock Holding Tanks, Algae Production Tanks and Water Treatment Tanks

View our plastic aquaculture tanks for fish here

For more help on choosing the best storage tanks for your application please get in touch today.

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