Larval Production & Hatchery - Conical Tank Advantages

Cylindrical or Conical Tanks for Larval Production & Hatchery work particularly well to oyster larvae farming in shellfish hatcheries as they allow a distribution larva in the tank. offer good cleaning and drain facilities and the ability to sieve larvae.

What is Oyster and Shellfish Farming?

Oyster farming is an aquaculture (or mariculture) practice in which oysters are bred and raised mainly for their pearls, shells and for eating.  The French oyster industry has relied on aquaculture oysters since the late 18th century.

Shellfish farming is a significant and growing aquaculture in many parts of the work.  This low-impact, sustainable industry producing a range of different products for the UK market and abroad.  A majority of shellfish production is mainly centred on mussels but also includes oysters and scallops.  In shellfish farming, a critical requirement is the need for pristine clean water in which to grow wholesome shellfish.

Cylindrical Aquaculture Tank Features

Enduramaxx open-top conical or cone bottom tanks are made from rotationally moulded plastic which is UV stabilised for many years of use.  Other features of these tanks include

  • Food grade material ensuring safe for food contact
  • Lightweight, robust moulded tank guaranteeing durability
  • Cylindrical cone for maintenance, draining and cleaning
  • Smooth tank walls for easy cleaning
  • Customizable outlets to suit pipework
  • Range of stainless painted or galvanised support frames
  • Reinforcing lip round the top of the tank to provide rigidity

Enduramaxx cylindrical tanks are available from 250 litres to 25,000 litres with a range of cones from shallow 5 deg cones to steeper 60-degree cones

View our open-top conical aquaculture tanks here

Rectangular Aquaculture / Hatchery Tanks

Shallow rectangular tanks with drainpipes provide a nursery space for juvenile oysters. Aeration is required from a blower which these tanks can be customised or adapted to take fittings from blowers and plastic piping for draining and cleaning the tanks.

View our plastic fabricated aquaculture tanks online here

Water Holding Tanks For Larval Production & Hatchery

Another critical element to an oyster or shellfish hatchery is its location in the water supply. Oyster hatcheries require large volumes of clean seawater with salinities.  Plastic tanks are ideal for this strong water for this type of application as they are food-grade, available in many sizes and can be customised to take pipework for the PVC ping in the hatcheries.

More details on our plastic water tanks here

For more details on conical and rectangular tanks for Larval Production & Hatchery – please get in touch today.

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