Stone Fabrication Water Reuse

Stone Fabrication Water Reuse – water is a critical part of a stone fabrication company. Most equipment requires water to operate, whether it is for stone washing, keeping saw blades cool, polishing and cleaning.  Water can be expensive to purchase, store, and dispose of dirty water as dirty water cannot be put down the drain as the particles in the water can block drains.

Recycling wastewater in stone finishing

If wastewater is not properly treated and recycled, it could mean that harmful contaminants are being introduced into the environment, leading to fines.  However, a lot of money can be saved through treating this wastewater in-house and re-used in the process in the plant.

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Slurry Separation Systems

Water recycling systems for granite and stone fabrication generally consists of a water filtration cycle to produce clean water from slurry produced in stone fabrication. The slurry is separated into mud and water through means of conical tanks and filtration. This water is generally passed to a 3 Stage Flocculation Tank, going through flash mixing, flocculation and coagulation processes. Clarifiers or clarification tanks consist of polyethene cone tanks that hold the water long enough to allow the floc and other particulates to move to the bottom of the tank. These tanks can either be as conical tanks with take-off points up the side of the tank or as a clarification tank for continuous flow systems removing a lot of the particles and sediments in the water.  The process is often repeated until the water can be reused.

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Stone Fabrication Rainwater Harvesting

A lot of quarry’s and stone fabrication buildings have larger roofs that can be used for rainwater, which can be used in the processes in stone fabrication.  This water with some treatment can be used to reduce mains water supply costs and help the environment.

How much rainwater can I collect?  View our article here

Enduramaxx offers a variety of storage tanks, mixer tanks as well as dosing and 3 stage flocculation tanks for the stone fabrication industry. Following are links to products mentioned above:

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