Custom Plastic Tanks Fabricated Plastic Tanks, Mixer Tanks

Plastic tanks can be modified and customized to suit your specific requirements!  Standard tanks can be modified with BSP tanks connectors, PN16 flanges and fill pipes to suit your needs and work for you. One of the most common tank requests we get are for the fitting of additional tank connectors as for process water there can be several inlets, outlets and suction line required.

Custom Plastic Mixer Tanks

Customer plastic mixer vessels and tanks are always modified to meet the requirements of the type of mixer, the mixer frame style, and the batch size. This often involves mixer baffles to help the top to bottom tank flow to help prevent separation in the tank.

Read why mixer baffles improve your mixing process here

Other requests can be for open-top tanks being used in agricultural purposes, such as mixing feed, liquid fertilisers, and fertiliser stock tanks.

Custom tanks for aquaculture and fish rearing

Aquaculture Fish Rearing Tanks are often required to be to a bespoke design and customised to suit the UK’s aquaculture industry.  Out range of aquaculture tanks include round and square tanks, open top and closed top tanks. The special features of Enduramaxx’s aquaculture tanks include the smooth walls making them hygienic and easy to clean, chemical resistance, shockproof and UV stabilised.

Traditionally used for Koi tanks, Fish Tanks, Fishponds and Fish holding/quarantine Tanks, these tanks have many other applications including Fish ponds, Spawning & Hatching Tanks, Larvae Rearing Tanks and Raceway Tanks

View our aquaculture tanks here

Brewing & Brewery Tanks

Endura tank’s Brewing & Brewery Tanks, otherwise known as Cone Tanks or Conical Tanks, are ideal for use as Fermentation Tanks during the second phase of beer production.  They can be used for both top and bottom-fermented beers.  Welded fittings are fitted over traditional tank connections to help easy cleaning as there are no gaskets or tank connector fittings in the tank to impede drainage or harbour germs.  Racking ports allow draining of the beer, cider or wine while leaving the sediment in the bottom of the cone tank.

Rectangular Plastic Tanks

Our rectangular plastic tanks are adapted specifically to the specific requirements for indoor and outdoor installations. These tanks are manufactured in polyethene or polypropylene determined by the medium and the temperature of the liquids being stored. Plastic fabrications of this material can operate at temperatures of up to 65° C.

Customization on these tanks generally includes a fixed lid or removable or hinged lids, fittings including overflows, feet, lifting rings, flanges, nozzles and pipework, screw thread sockets and mixers and mixer mounting

View our rectangular tanks here

Contact us for more information on how we can design and create the perfect solution for you. Be sure to consult with an expert to make sure that you are getting the correct style of Custom Plastic Tanks for your next project.

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