Weather forecasting can be a bit of a minefield as we all know and the long-range forecast for this winter is no exception with predictions of a ‘Big Freeze’ and it being possibly the coldest winter for six years with heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures for up to four months. Even the bookmakers are getting apprehensive and have slashed their odds on a white Christmas!

Having basked in the warmest September for 105 years, temperatures are due to plummet imminently which is no great revelation really as we naturally expect it to get substantially colder as winter approaches. Whichever forecaster gets it right the majority predict severe cold spells, so it’s best to be prepared for all eventualities!

Enduramaxx manufactures a wide range of WRAS approved Insulated Storage Tanks suitable for a wide range of liquids including potable (drinking) and Non-Potable water.

Our Vertical Tanks, Slimline Tanks and Baffled Slimline Tanks can all be manufactured with an insulated jacket which is designed not only to prevent overheating but also the freezing of contents. These tanks are both tough and durable and are also impact-resistant with the jacket constructed using a closed cell structure which provides a built-in vapour barrier which is UV resistant for outdoor use.

Insulated tanks from Enduratank

Tanks shown without insulated jacket

The insulated jacket is available in a 13mm and 25mm thickness and carries a Thermal Conductivity value of 40°C 0.042 W/(m • K) which is low and provides a minimum energy loss and excellent protection against frost.

Stop worrying about liquids freezing or deteriorating over this winter, whether the tank is located outside and subject to the elements of the British weather or simply installed in an unheated barn or factory unit. Upgrade to an Insulated Enduratank Storage Tank and rest assured that whatever you are storing within one of our tanks; provided you have the necessary insulation suitable for your tank contents, then we have the product that does the job for you.

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