Fire Brigade Fittings for Fire Water Tanks

Fire brigade fittings for fire water tanks require specific fittings for connection to fire engines and pumps. These fittings would include instantaneous fittings, BSRT (British Standard Round Thread) fire fittings, adaptors, caps, BSPoutlets and couplings – in 2 1/2″, 4″ and 5″ sizes. Firefighting sprinkler tanks will often require some or all the following depending on the specification requirement.  These are available upon request.

  • A reliable water supply connection
  • Float ball valve on the tank infill.
  • AB airgap provision with side spill over weir and cowl
  • A drain valve at a low level for hose couplings and fire hose
  • Option side access hatch is provided at ground level.
  • A cat & mouse or electronic device to show the level of water in the tank.

Plastic Tanks for Fire Sprinkler Systems

Plastic potable water tanks have a distinct advantage over steel tanks as they will not rust, easy to maintain and very adaptable to being fitted with numerous connection options to suit installations. Our water supply tanks for automatic sprinkler systems come in a wide range of tank sizes depending on the volume of water that is required.

The 45,000-litre tank has been designed for Section 15 of Approved Document B deals with Fire Mains and Hydrants and subsection 15.8.

Fire sprinkler water tanks for agriculture and construction

Our range of large firefighting sprinkler water storage tanks is designed to store large amounts of water for fire-fighting purposes at commercial, construction, industrial sites, and agricultural farms.  Fire sprinkler tanks are required on construction sites are areas potentially with fuel and building work, a lot of construction sites require 45,000 litres (10,000 gallons) of water on-site as a legal or insurance requirements and fire safety requirements.

In agriculture, a lot of farms can be isolated from mains water supplies and can sometimes combine rainwater harvesting and farm water use for dairy wash down with these tanks when connected to the mains with a top-up valve.

Slimline & Insulated Fire Sprinkler Water Tanks

Our 1000 slimline water tanks and baffled water tanks are designed for space restrictive locations and to fit through doorways. These fires fighting water storage tanks are available as insulated tanks to reduce the effect of thermal heat gain and loss. These slimline drinking water tanks are available in capacities up to 1000 litres.

On some installations, insulation and heating may be required to keep the temperature of the water in the tank above 5°C during the winter, more details on insulated tank options are available here. These UV stabilised plastic water tanks are rotational moulded. For details and pricing, please get in touch today on 01778 301530.

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