Small Conical Tanks For Biofuel, Brewery, Process, Blending And Mixing

Our small conical cone tanks are used in many applications for storage of liquids, biofuel, chemical mixing and blending in the brewery and drink industry. The main advantage of conical tanks If the full drain cone which means all liquid in the tank will drain meaning any sediments lets from the process can be washed out or drained.

These small conical tanks are also popular for used as mixing tanks for blending and in for food and brewery, chemical mixing, and water treatment dosing and polymer make up units, coagulation treatment and in water treatment plant.  Mixer, blending, and process mixer tanks come in different sizes and shapes and available with racking or sample points and provision for CIP equipment,

Key Uses for Small Conical Tanks

We go over these in more details here.

Purified Water Tanks

Small conical tanks are available with provision for CIP equipment with the fitting of sockets and flanges. Available with a range of cones from shallow 5-degree slopes to 45-degree cones provide capacities from 250 litres to 30,000 litres to remove contamination risk of liquid left in the tank and welded fittings remove gaskets within the tanks which can harbour germs.  Our conical tanks are available with sample take-off or racking points either as plastic sockets or flanges.

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Small Conical Mixer Tanks

Small conical tanks act as mixer storage vessels and play a crucial role in material supply and product holding. In many instances, the temperature, pressure, and equalisation of the vessel’s substances are vital for material durability, hygiene, safety, and quality. Agitators are often applied to assist these processes. Bulk storage tanks are adopted by various industries, including chemical, petrochemical refining to pharmaceutical products.  These are available in sizes from 50 litres to 1,500 litres and larger vessels up to 30,000 litres.

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Conical Brewing & Brewery Tanks

Cone tanks or conical tanks are ideal for use as Brewing or Fermentation Tanks during the second phase of beer production.  They can be used for both top and bottom-fermented beers and being closed will prevent or reduce the possible contamination of the product by airborne bacteria and other organisms.

The tanks in black, natural, and blue are food contact safe – more details here

Food Safe Cone Tanks & Silos

Foodstuffs Storage Tanks is a popular use for these conical storage tanks in the food & drinks industry.  We manufacture storage tanks and silos for foodstuff storage from polypropylene (PP) or polyethene (HDPE) which is food-grade material, has FDA & WRAS approvals and is non-taint and odour free.

These are available with a range of bottom outlet fittings and sliders depending on your process application.

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Chemical Mixer Tank with Agitator

Small conical tanks are ideal as chemical mixer tanks and are designed to work with your specifications with an agitator for your intended use.  We can help you design a system to meet your needs from our range of poly mix tanks to help you meet mixing requirements for chemicals, polymer makeup units and much more.

Based on the mixing application, the desired result and batch size, we can help you design a complete system, from the tank size and style to the mixer.  Our team can offer suggestions based on your specifications to meet your mixing requirements.

Cone Tanks for Biofuels

Small conical tanks firstly serve as a separation tank to help separate initial impurities from cooking oils. Further, into the biodiesel process, the conical bottoms also allow for glycerol to separate to the bottom of the cone where it can be drained. Available in sizes ranging from 250 to 30,000 litres, the conical tanks are made using a ribbed design and using a single piece of rotationally moulded UV-stabilised polyethene.

More details on these biofuel tanks here

Our Small Conical Tanks Range

Code Cone Tanks Standard Outlet Standard Lid Dimensions (mm) Product Link
1752014501-F 250 Litre 45 Degree 1? 455 609 Día x 1562 H Product Link
1752024501-F 500 Litre 45 Degree 2? 455 812 Día x 1563 H Product Link
1752036001-F 600 Litre 60 Degree 2? 455 1200 Día x 1460 H Product Link
1752046001-F 900 Litre 60 Degree 2? 455 1400 Día x 1680 H Product Link
1752033001-F 1000 Litre 30 Degree 2” 455 1200 Día x 1552 H Product Link
1752091501-F 1100 Litre 30 Degree 2” 455 1400 Día x 1500 H Product Link
1752053001-F 1360 Litre 30 Degree 2” 455 1200 Día x 1888 H Product Link
175216001-F 1500 Litre 60 Degree 2” 620 1400 Día x 2120 H Product Link
1752094501-F 1500 Litre 45 Degree 2” 620 1900 Día x 1605 H Product Link
1752056001-F 1600 Litre 60 Degree 2” 455 1200 Día x 2378 H Product Link
1752063001-F 1700 Litre 30 Degree 2” 455 1200 Día x 2300 H Product Link
17520660-F 2000 Litre 60 Degree 2” 455 1200 Día x 3000 H Product Link

The Enduramaxx Small Cone Tank Advantage

As a conical cone bottom tank manufacturer, we can customise your tank to your requirements.  Whether it be additional sockets, fittings, flanges or pipework, we are sure we can help, we look forward to hearing from you!

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